China's wire and cable industry production capacity…

China's wire and cable industry production capacity analysis China's wire and cable industry production capacity analysis This section analyzes the output of the wire and cable industry products, namely, cables for communication and electronic networks, power cables, optical cables, and i READ MORE

Use lift notices

The elevator is one of the main products of our company. The following are the problems when using the aluminum alloy elevator: The aluminum alloy elevators have been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory. Each technical indicator meets the design requirements. When using, only the powe READ MORE

Advantages of using pipe jacking method

The advantages of the pipe jacking method are the advantages of the pipe jacking method. In addition to the high control precision, the pipe jacking method has the following advantages: (1) Pipes can be laid deep underground. (2) The interference to traffic is small, and there is no need to cut READ MORE

2013 latest indoor lighting decoration renderings Daqua…

Indoor lighting is the main facility for indoor lighting. It provides decorative effects and lighting functions for interior spaces. It not only adds new content to the more monotonous top color and shape, but also changes the shape of the indoor lighting and the intensity of the light. The ad READ MORE

The insects catch the grain and see the action, and the…

Affected by persistent high temperature and dry weather, the amount of rice planthoppers in some rice fields in Xianhe Town, Xunyang County has recently increased. The Xunyang County Agricultural Technology Center has acted quickly after receiving the insects. On August 21, the center led the leade READ MORE

Today's international silicon market overview

Abstract The international ferrosilicon market was temporarily stabilized last Friday. The mainstream price in the US was 0.91-0.93 USD/lb, and the European region was reported at 1020-1060 EUR/ton. In the United States, due to anti-dumping investigations on ferrosilicon imports, the market i READ MORE

The "Integrated Extreme Condition Experimental Dev…

Abstract On August 22nd, the expert consultation meeting for the construction project of the “Twelfth Five-Year” Major Science and Technology Infrastructure “Integrated Extreme Conditions Experimental Device” was held in Changchun. The meeting was chaired by Wang Yanju READ MORE