How to deal with the new regulations?

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Do you know how to deal with the latest regulations? The revised version of the “Strictly Ruled Regulations in History”, “Regulations on the application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses” was officially impleme READ MORE

High-temperature heat-conducting oil using ultrasonic f…

High-temperature heat-conducting oil uses ultrasonic flowmeter to detect flow and heat. In the context of energy-saving and emission reduction, as a mature heat carrier---heat-conducting oil, it is a friend of industry, whether it is printing and dyeing, chemical industry, etc. very familiar! Beca READ MORE

Indian steel industry will benefit from continued growt…

Abstract In the 2015-16 fiscal year, the Indian steel industry will continue to benefit from continued growth in the automotive sector. According to data from the Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association, Indian car production reached 23.36 million in FY2014-15, an increase of 8.7% year-on READ MORE

How to correctly handle these failures in the parking m…

If there are some common failures below, how should we handle them? Here's what the Gettys technology experts will share with you: 1. There is no information on the car, and there is no card number on the card reader. We first check whether the communication port is loose or has poor contact w READ MORE

Home installation pipe installation should pay attentio…

1. It is best to find a professional company to install PP-R pipe, no matter how luxurious and upscale your decoration, if you are not willing to use money in this area, it is not worthwhile. Frequent crushing or blockage of pipelines will result in tens, hundreds, even incalculable conseq READ MORE

Faucet manufacturer faucet top ten brands

The faucet is a necessity in modern homes, and its role is believed to be self-evident. The quality of the faucet affects the waste of water resources, and the faucet appearance is related to the beauty of home decoration. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a faucet that is both practical and READ MORE

Network cable socket connection detailed steps

In this era of the Internet, network cables are used by every family and they must learn how to use network cable sockets . There are two main methods for connecting the crystal heads of the cable, one is the parallel cable connection method and the other is the crossover cable connection method. READ MORE