2011 paint production is expected to break the first 10 million tons mark

2011 is a year of rapid development of China's coatings industry and the simultaneous optimization of industrial structure. In this year, with the theme of transforming development mode and accelerating the development of modern coatings industry, with the theme of energy saving, clean production, promoting circular economy and developing high-performance coatings, the coating industry and its upstream and downstream have formed a good situation of common development. The annual paint production is expected to exceed the 10 million tons mark for the first time. At the same time, the concentration of the coatings industry is gradually improving, the coordination of the economic operation of the industry, the rationality of the product structure are constantly increasing, and the technical content and after-sales service level of the products are gradually improving, which is the period of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in China. From the paint powers to the paint powers have laid a solid foundation.
Overall, in 2011, China's coatings industry's overall economic performance was good, coating production and output value grew steadily, and fixed asset investment continued to increase steadily.
According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to November 2011, the cumulative output of paints nationwide exceeded 9.75 million tons, an increase of 16.5%. In the first 11 months, the paint industry has realized a total industrial output value of about 246.9 billion yuan, an increase of 27.2%. The monthly growth rate of paint output value remained between 25% and 40%, which was significantly higher than the output growth rate. This indicates that the technical content of coating products is increasing and the proportion of high value-added products is also increasing. In the first 11 months, the monthly growth rate of China's coatings increased by nearly double digits in July and November, and the output growth in other months exceeded double digits, maintaining between 10% and 30%. The sales rate of coating products in the first 11 months was 98.2%, an increase of 0.19 percentage points year-on-year.
Coating products are important supporting materials for the national economy. The development rate of the coatings industry has slowed down due to factors such as the “National Eight Articles” of real estate, the restriction of purchase restrictions on automobiles, and the correction of investment in the fields of furniture, machinery and equipment, and infrastructure construction. In the development process of this year, in addition to the unreasonable product and industrial structure, weak innovation ability, and shortage of talents, the deep-seated contradiction has not been fundamentally solved. It also faces increased operating costs, increased management costs, and employment. Costs continue to increase, production factor prices continue to rise, and SME financing is difficult.
Coatings are labor-intensive industries. In 2011, the country entered an intensive salary increase period. Affected by factors such as the recovery of the market and the increase in labor demand, paint companies can only ease the labor shortage by raising wages, and the labor costs have increased substantially. Not only that, there is still a shortage of structural staff in the coatings industry, especially the lack of paint coloring technology workers, feeding and mixing manual labor staff, and the senior management talents of group and international coating companies are also in short supply.
The increase in labor costs, coupled with increased management costs, fuel price increases, etc., the burden of coatings companies is becoming heavier, the profits of the coatings industry are squeezed, which in turn affects investment capacity and investment in technology research and development.
Another outstanding problem affecting the development of the industry is the difficulty in financing financing companies. At present, most of the coatings industry enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, which are not only small in scale, but also have poor economic returns, and the investment in scientific research and development is insufficient, and enterprises are difficult to finance. In particular, the National Development and Reform Commission clearly stated in the new edition of the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2011)" that it is not allowed to build new solvent-based coatings (excluding encouraged coatings and production processes), and most of the coatings industry. Products with pollution and high environmental risks are listed in the “Double High” product catalogue. These policies have further limited the financing of SMEs that produce low-end products and environmentally difficult to meet standards.
Paint products are widely used in the national economy. The development of the industry is not only restricted by the domestic and international economic and policy environments, but also depends on the development of all walks of life. The 2011 Central Economic Work Conference proposed that in 2012 China adhered to the policy of real estate regulation and control, but also proposed to build affordable housing, accelerate the construction of ordinary commodity housing, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to firmly grasp the strategic basis for expanding domestic demand, which will undoubtedly benefit the stable development of the coatings industry.
At the same time as domestic demand expands, the rapid development of new energy, transportation, transportation, information and other industries also requires coating products to support it. In the future, the coatings industry still has a lot of room for development. This requires the coatings industry to continue to take the scientific development concept as the starting point, transform the economic development mode, transform from traditional industries to modern industrial systems, encourage technological innovation, enhance corporate brand awareness, and accelerate structural adjustment and upgrading of products, enterprises and industries.

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