79-year-old "noodle grandfather" homemade hollow pasta machine won the national patent

With the popular broadcast of "China 2 on the tip of the tongue", the hollow noodles in Wubao County, Shaanxi Province, impressed everyone. Unlike the "Grandpa Grandpa" on the lens with a strong Northern Shaanxi accent, Xi'an Zhang Yuhui's hollow noodles are also a must, and the neighbors gave him the title "Noodle Grandpa".

Homemade hollow pasta machine

Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Yuhui took out a bag of homemade hollow noodles from the refrigerator in the southern suburbs of Xi'an. "You taste, cook and taste very good, very tasty."

The kitchen is not big, the most conspicuous is a hollow pasta machine - for the 79-year-old man, this machine devoted all his wisdom and energy after retirement.

Before he retired, he was an engineer. Because he loves to eat noodles, he pays attention to the process of making noodles on weekdays. “In 1956, I went to Beijing Institute of Technology to go to school. Later I graduated and worked on the design of shells.” He said, “The inspiration for the hollow pasta machine is derived from this. I combined the principle of 'hollow' and first painted the drawings myself. I was looking for a machine tool to produce a mold, and I designed a pasta machine, which was originally manual and is now being improved into electric."

The machine makes hollow faces, the most important is the mold. Zhang Yuhui said that most of the products used in the market are multi-function pasta machines, in which the molds are mostly double-layered and have large resistance. The hollow-face molds he designed are single-layered, which can reduce the resistance while ensuring the quality.

Noodles can be blown out of the water

The hollow noodles originated from the Qing Dynasty and are the exclusive foods of the imperial kitchen. It is said that the Empress Dowager Cixi was ordered to make birthday birthdays. Because of its complicated craftsmanship and labor costs, it is the top master of the royal chef. Therefore, except for a few royals, General officials and civilians simply have no interest in it.

He puts the good noodles into the homemade noodle machine, and the noodles come out from the noodle plate. The finest is 2 mm, the thickest is about 1 cm. Put one end of the noodles into the water and blow the bubbles out with the mouth. In 1990, he designed the first generation of hollow pasta machine, and later, obtained the national utility model patent. For more than 20 years, after several improvements, he has become a recognized noodle expert. “The hollow surface can be bought in the market, but my face is invented by myself. I have various kinds of slices and molds. I can also process dragon's torus, kneading dough, hollow noodles, hot dry noodles, hand-like noodles, and belts. Stuffing twist."

He called the homemade noodles "hollow energy surface". In his view, the hollow noodles not only have a special shape, but also cooked well because of the hollow air permeability, and they are better to be eaten than ordinary noodles. "I have also eaten the foreign macaroni. I don't think it is as chewy as my hollow surface."

"Old Zhang homemade hollow surface, special shape, my family's children like it most." I heard that the reporter interviewed, Wang Shifu of the same hospital said that almost every month to Zhang Yuhui's home to eat his hollow surface, "special soft and easy to digest , eat and solve."

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