Application of robot welding system in the production of exhaust parts for passenger cars

The structural characteristics and welding requirements of various parts of the automotive exhaust system components are not consistent. According to the shape and welding characteristics of different types of workpieces, the process layout of the welding unit can take many forms.

In recent years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the number of models has been updated rapidly. The output and variety of automobiles have increased rapidly. In order to improve production efficiency, continuously improve and stabilize product quality, and reduce tooling investment costs, highly flexible robotic welding systems have been widely used in the automotive industry.

Shougang Motoman Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shougang Motoman Company”) is a high-performance MOTOMAN arc welding robot with its main technical advantages. Its products and process solutions are in car axles, exhaust parts and seats. The field of arc welding of components is widely used. This article mainly introduces the application technology of Shougang Motoman's car exhaust parts arc welding. In the field of exhaust systems, Shougang Motoman has worked closely with FAURECIA and TENNECO, the world's two largest exhaust system suppliers, to advance the advancement of robotic arc welding technology and its applications.

Exhaust parts arc welding process requirements

Exhaust system is an important part of vehicle emission and noise reduction. It is mainly composed of manifold, catalytic converter, bellows, medium elimination and post-elimination (see Figure 1). The structural characteristics and welding requirements of each part are not exhausted. Consistent.

图1 排气系统的构成

Figure 1 The composition of the exhaust system

According to the distance of the main function module from the engine, the exhaust system can also be divided into two parts: hot end and cold end.

The hot end portion is directly connected to the engine exhaust port, and mainly includes auxiliary components such as a manifold, a purifier, a bellows, a secondary purifier, and a hook flange. Due to the compact space of the chassis, the shape of the components changes greatly and the weld distribution is complicated. At the same time, because its main function is to purify the exhaust gas, the weld seam sealing requirements are high.

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