Be careful about the misunderstanding of stone consumption

Misunderstanding one

The price determines everything, foreign goods are better than domestically. Some consumers are choosing stones, blindly think that the price is high, that is good stone, or that imported stone is better than domestic stone. Indeed, the stone varieties such as Brazilian blue, Norwegian red, Indian red, and Spanish beige have unique decorative features. However, the varieties of domestically produced stone, such as Dahua Green, Baoxing White, China Red, Fengzhen Black, etc., also have strong decorative features, and even some varieties are better than imported varieties.

If we compare the domestic and foreign stone varieties and prices, it can be seen that the imported stone varieties are almost 3-5 times the price of domestically produced similar varieties. Therefore, we can completely choose the cheap domestic stone to decorate our home. It is also necessary to select the stone type according to the part to be used, not necessarily the more expensive the better. The decorative wall can be made of marble with outstanding pattern effect. For the decoration of the ground, use high-strength, high-strength granite.

At present, the difference between domestic stone and imported stone is that the processing precision is not enough, such as thickness, flatness and gloss.

Misunderstanding 2

Natural stone is superior to artificial stone. In fact, some natural stones are not necessarily better than human stone. The artificial color stone has small color difference, high mechanical strength, can be combined with patterns, and seamless after molding. The natural stone is incomparable.

A wide variety of artificial stone Currently, the artificial stone on the market mainly has the following major categories.

Terrazzo is the first artificial stone that people are familiar with.

Polyester concrete is made of organic unsaturated resin as binder, sand, stone powder and other ingredients, which are formed by mould casting and curing. It is suitable for the production of complex shapes.

Vacuum marble is actually a non-saturated resin as a binder, which combines the scraps of scrap in stone mining, adopts a vacuum method, reduces the porosity and solidifies into a large piece of artificial stone, which is cut and polished to become Plate. The product is highly intensive and decorative.

Artificial agate is a finer deep processing on the basis of polyester concrete. The main material is high quality resin plus stone powder and coloring material. It is translucent artificial jade.

Large-scale ceramic tiles resembling granite and marble. This product can be used both for paving the ground and as a stone-like curtain wall product. It is hanging on the outer wall of the building and is very majestic.

Glass-ceramic, also known as crystal stone, is a new type of material with superior performance and rich decoration. Its decorative effect is as noble and gorgeous as jade.

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Label: Be careful about the misunderstanding of stone consumption

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5 series aluminum alloy is a common aluminum alloy plate series,The main element is Mg, and the content of Mg is between 3-5%. It can also be called called Al-Mg Alloy,. The main characteristics are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation.

In the same area, the weight of Al-Mg alloy is lower than other series, so it is often used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tank. It is also widely used in conventional industry.

The processing technology is continuous casting and rolling, belonging to the hot rolled aluminum plate series, so it can do the deep processing of oxidation. In our country, 5 series aluminum plate is one of the mature aluminum plate series.



Typical Alloy

Typical Temper




5005 5052 5083 5086 5182 5754 5154 5454 5A05 5A06


O/H111 H112 H116/H321 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34 H16/H26/H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194

≤170mm   (For tread plate, Thickness≤6mm)









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5 Series Alloy

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