Children are difficult to raise parents home must-have crib inventory

When I first became a parent, I believe that I can't stand the "frustration". The children's clothes, food, shelter, and living are not worrying. Both want to let children eat the most healthy and safe food, but also want to create a caring living space for children, giving them the most comfortable life. The crib is a piece of furniture that grows from the birth of the child, and must be carefully selected. Today, Xiaobian will give three baby cribs to the baby's father and mother, the little angel crib 2570, the good child solid wood crib MC283, the Kang Yingbei baby shaker KC-305B, the highest thousand or so. Little Angel Crib 2570 Tmall Reference Price: 756 yuan Little Angel Crib is made of all pine wood precision materials, the whole is very real, simple, generous, durable. The product is entirely paint-free, so that the baby is not affected by chemical gases. The front guardrail of the bed frame can be turned down to facilitate cooperation with the big bed. The bed can be extended by pulling down the bed to meet the growth needs of the baby, and can also be used as a storage board. The caster design of the universal moving can be lifted, and the big bed is changed into a shaker. Good boy solid wood crib MC283 Tmall reference price: 699 yuan good child MC283 wooden baby bed appearance is exquisite and simple, people feel warm and can easily integrate into a variety of home styles. With a hanging cradle that can swing left and right, making it easier for your baby to fall asleep. The storage space on the lower side is beautiful and practical, and the toy has a perfect habitat. The end of the bed can be lengthened to meet the baby's growth needs. Four rounds of addition, take the baby room with you, and two-wheel exclusive brake protection, safe and worry-free. The intimate design of the side rails can be opened and closed to facilitate the mother to take care of the baby. Kang Yingbei baby shaker KC-305B Tmall reference price: 1,300 yuan This is a shaker with a roller, white and blue, fresh and warm colors, suitable for babies. And this bed does not need to be equipped with a mattress. The sleeping board is combined with the mattress. It is soft, high-density and waterproof, and can be used directly. The guardrail of the bed can be adjusted to meet the different needs of the baby and can be docked with the adult bed. Pull the casters at the bottom of the bed to become a shaker. Related parameters: parameter comparison brand small angel good child Kang Yingbei model 2570MC283KC-305B product material pine New Zealand pine New Zealand pine outer diameter size (cm) 108*64*91116*74*92136*77*95 inner diameter size (cm) no 111*63130*70 color wood color children/adult blue + white reference price (yuan) 7566991300

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