Common method for oil tank anti-corrosion coating

The main method of preventing the anti-corrosion coating of oil tanks must be considered from two aspects: metal and medium. There are the following four commonly used methods:

(1) Material selection. Low-carbon (carbon-containing less than 0.2%), low*, low-phosphorus (*, phosphorus content less than 0.5%) steel tank materials are used. This kind of anti-corrosion effect is best, but the cost of the tank is higher.

(2) Paint anti-corrosion. Paint anti-corrosion is based on the coating separating the steel base from the corrosive medium and protecting the metal. At present, there are many types of anticorrosive materials in domestic tanks, such as epoxy resin, polyurethane, inorganic zinc, and glass flake coatings.

(3) Cathodic protection. Cathodic protection technology is a kind of electrochemical protection technology. The principle is to apply an applied current to the surface of the corroded metal structure, so that the protected structure becomes the cathode, so that the migration of electrons caused by metal corrosion is suppressed, and corrosion is avoided or reduced. happened.

(4) Thermal spray technology. Thermal spraying is to melt the sprayed metal raw material at a high temperature, blow the molten metal into a mist with compressed air or other inert gas, quickly spray onto the surface of the prepared metal object, and continuously spray to form a sprayed layer. The protective layer can effectively cut off the penetration of the corrosive medium and prevent electrochemical corrosion of the steel base in the medium.

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