Energy saving and environmental protection aluminum alloy into a new favorite of hardware

Energy saving and environmental protection aluminum alloy into a new favorite of hardware

In recent years, the development and construction of high-end buildings in China has expanded the market space for new types of energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials, including various types of construction hardware products.

Taking door and window hardware as an example, aluminum alloy profiles, especially energy-saving and environmentally-friendly aluminum alloy profiles, will occupy an increasingly important position in the future transformation of new buildings and old houses. Judging from the door and window hardware products registered for participation this year, the proportion of new products has increased significantly compared with previous years. In recent years, China's aluminum alloy profile industry has developed rapidly and formed a formal industry system. The company's products, technical grades, and sales services have been greatly improved, and it has acquired considerable strength and can meet the needs of China's main residential building. . In terms of exports, it has also become a global leader. “

It is understood that, compared with traditional aluminum-plastic and plastic-steel profiles, aluminum alloy profiles have the advantages of good sealing and aging resistance, high fire resistance and high melting point. Energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials are being favored by high-end construction developers. Because the industry needs to develop, companies must have innovations and continue to create better products. This is an irreversible trend.

The manufacturers of building locks, handles, spreaders, hinges, handles, latches, etc. that participated in the exhibition this year, in addition to focusing on the energy saving, environmental protection, and practicality of the products, are also considering designing more than ever before. effect. According to the person in charge of CIHS'09, the improvement of product quality and grades will help promote the construction of the corporate brand, which in turn will drive the progress of the entire industry. In recent years, the number of brand-name companies in the Chinese architectural hardware industry is gradually increasing. When companies see the rise in market share and sales brought about by brand building, they will pay more attention to product quality and after-sales service quality. This is a virtuous circle.

The person in charge also stated that since 2008, the introduction of the policy of “pulling domestic demand”, the acceleration of the new rural construction process, and the implementation of major reconstruction projects after the earthquake... all of which have opened up huge scale for China’s construction hardware market. The gap in domestic demand has also accelerated the pace of the upgrading of China's architectural hardware products. Among the exhibitors participating in the exhibition this year, a large number of excellent architectural hardware companies that are competitive in the international market have emerged. This is not only due to the supplement of the domestic market to the foreign trade gap, but also indicates that Chinese consumers have significantly changed their consumption habits and consumption levels.

The annual China International Hardware Show (CIHS) is currently the largest and most influential hardware exhibition in China. It is co-sponsored by China National Hardware Association and Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd. In addition to the door and window hardware, the architectural hardware products exhibited include water faucets, showers, toilet accessories, toilet accessories, valves, pipe fittings and other plumbing hardware; modular metal ceilings, light active partitions, metal decorative panels, etc. Decoration hardware; all kinds of fasteners and wire, nails, nets, etc.

“Only by continuously intensifying technological transformation and accelerating the pace of independent innovation can companies be able to occupy a place in the fierce market competition and maintain a good brand reputation,” said the head of CIHS'09 heartily.

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