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Sliding doors in cabinets may be used for more cabinets, but some kitchens have smaller space, and there are also lower cabinets. Therefore, if the sliding door is not good, it will affect the service life. Today we will take a look at the cabinets. Sliding door shopping skills to explain, let you clear thinking Buy Fuyou cabinet sliding doors.

1、Whether the door variety and material color are rich and varied

Currently available materials for the production of sliding doors are wood, glass, mirrors and other materials. The texture of wooden planks gives people a natural, earthy, soft and gentle feeling, which is suitable for people who want to return to nature. Individual manufacturers also introduced a new plate with two colors, similar to the color case of a stylish mobile phone. After a period of use, they can be used on the other side, and they can enjoy a new feeling without spending money. At present, nearly 20 kinds of such plates, commonly known as color plates, have been introduced on the market, which greatly facilitates consumer demand in this area.

Frosted, cloth-patterned glass doors give people a sense of ignorance and ignorance. They can create a variety of unique effects under the mapping of indoor lighting and are suitable for pursuing the taste of fashionable people. Silver-plated glass gives an upscale and luxurious aristocratic atmosphere. Transparent glass doors give people a feeling of crystal clearness and crispness. New door materials also have shutter doors. The shutter doors are fashionable, elegant and light, and are generally recognized by the market.

2. Whether the thickness of the door panel is full and thick and the height is sufficient

Sliding door wood, the best choice 10mm thick plate, use it strong, stable, durable; slightly worse will use 8mm or 6mm thick plate, it appears more thin, light, easy deformation, the stability is slightly poor.

3, whether the door and the border color is the same

The borders and door panels of the brand closet doors are from the same manufacturer, and the color lines can be completely consistent and uniform, including the color of the cabinet body can achieve the perfect unity with the door panel. The miscellaneous brand closet is often patchwork, borders and other hardware imported, coupled with similar domestic color plates, fool the lay consumer.

4. Whether the wheels are smooth, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, safe and reliable

The brand's wardrobe pulleys are generally made of carbon glass fiber, with internal ball, with non-dry lubrication ester, it can easily push and pull, smooth and flexible, and large bearing capacity, pressure, wear and deformation. The poor pulleys are made of engineering plastics or organic plastics. They are not wear-resistant. They are easy to use. They take a long time to deform and affect their use. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti-skid devices to ensure reliable safety when the doors slide. Poor pulleys often have only one anti-jump device or even no anti-jump device. When used, they are easily derailed and it is difficult to ensure safety. The pulley of the box-type closed structure has good dustproof effect. Even in the northern regions where sand is often blown out, it is used as usual.

5, whether the cabinet design is professional, whether it is scientific and fashionable

Currently popular fashion wardrobe cabinets, in accordance with the principle of zeroing, the development of several different cabinets, can be freely combined when ordered; drawers and active laminates can also be free increase or decrease; height can be adjusted; Even the length of the cabinet can be adjusted to better adapt to different space conditions; the height of the cabinet can be made small enough to make full use of space; it can skillfully handle indoor special columns such as pillars, heating pipes, and gas pipes. Family love.

6、Whether the wardrobe accessories are complete, can provide convenient supporting functions

At present, many wardrobe manufacturers have introduced practical and beautiful accessories, such as push-pull mirrors, lattice racks, trousers racks, pull baskets, L racks, TV stands, CD racks, etc., and actively promote people-oriented concept of quality of life.

7. Whether to use green materials

If the content of formaldehyde in the door or cabinet of the wardrobe is too high, it will have an adverse effect on the health of the user. According to random inspections by relevant national departments, most of the products imported from Europe or domestic large-scale man-made board manufacturers can meet the E1 standard, while some of the domestic brands, the formaldehyde content is often exceeded. How to determine whether the formaldehyde content of the wardrobe is up to standard? One is to open the door, pull the drawer, if there is a strong irritating odor, or even make people cry, indicating excessive formaldehyde content; second is to check the material inspection certificate of the business to see if it holds the relevant national wood-based board Quality Supervision and Inspection Center The inspection report is required; the third is that the board must be sold at the store. The board specified in the agreement is the European E1 environmental protection standard.

8, whether to have a professional factory

In order to ensure production, most of the brand wardrobes have professional factories, modern machinery and equipment, assembly line production, and on-site installation. Completely avoid the inconvenience caused by the decoration company's on-site production. Moreover, the product is accurate in size and rigorous in structure, giving a sense of overall beauty.

9, after-sale warranty card

Most wardrobe brands take the goods away, which is the after-sale warranty card in the package, the other is provided directly by the local store. The above two kinds of hard-to-preserve stores in which falsification, the market is currently some of the major brand wardrobe using a unique method: is the after-sale warranty card personally to the customer by the factory, received the warranty card if the consumer is not assured, can be by telephone or network Verify the information on the warranty card. Generally large wardrobe brand in order to prevent the dealer in the local processing, do cottage products, will take the direct mail way issued warranty card, and will indicate the customer purchase information, put an end to the cottage may be.

Information on Fuyou cabinets was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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