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The rapid growth of a company requires an opportunity. The gold rudder ceramic tile is one of the private enterprises that has developed rapidly after seizing the “South Tour” after the reform and opening up. Gold rudder tile is a ceramic tile brand with a certain reputation in China. It is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Jinding Ceramic Tile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, but compared with Dongpeng, Xinzhongyuan and other top ten tile brands, the gold rudder tile also far cry. The brand's products are like gold rudder tiles, I believe many consumers do not understand. Below I will give you a detailed description of how the gold rudder tile and gold rudder tile official website price.

Gold rudder tile introduction

Jindubi Tiles Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and is located in Nanzhuang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The company's development tenet is "High Quality, Fast Innovation". It is the earliest example of a pottery enterprise that applies the advanced imported equipment systematically in the country and is praised by the industry as " The originator of Chinese polished tiles." In the nearly 20 years of development, the company has made steady progress and has established a complete production base and service network in China.

How about a gold rudder tile

1. Gold rudder tiles Honor: Gold rudder tile products are of good quality, complete specifications, and rich colors, satisfying the home renovation needs of most families. And since the establishment of the company, it has won many awards. It has successively won numerous honorary titles such as well-known Chinese trademarks and Chinese famous brand products.

2. Gold rudder tile strength: Gold rudder tile company has strong production and technical strength, the company has two large-scale modern production bases, a total of 17 production lines; and gold rudder tile also has all kinds of high and mid-level technical talents over 100, and Long-term cooperation with the Italian tile technology experts, the company has a number of technical patents and the use of patents.

3, Gold rudder tile products: Gold rudder tile types include polished tiles, tiles, full polished glaze, microcrystalline stone and other four major categories of nearly 100 products, and the gold rudder tile specifications from 1200 × 1800mm large size to 300 The small size of ×300mm is produced, and it can be divided into 11 different specifications.


Gold rudder tile official website price

The following part of the gold rudder tile price information collected, hoping to provide a reference effect for everyone:

Product Type Model Specification (mm) Price (Yuan/Piece)

Interior wall tiles DA6014 300*600 146.50

Tile XA6602 600*600 45.60

Tile XA6604 600*600 45.60

Tile XA66211 600*600 42.00

Interior wall tiles P5202 600*600 16.00

Interior wall tiles JA4061 300*450 118.50

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more pricing details, please contact your local dealer!


Tips: Tiles to buy errors

Misunderstanding of Tiles: The thicker the tiles, the better. The quality of a tile is not its thickness but its own texture. At present, the development direction of international architectural tile products is light, thin, strong, durable, and personalized.

Tiles buy error two: polished tiles do not slip. The polished tile has a high degree of finish and a good flatness of the brick surface. It can be in full contact with the upper, thereby increasing the friction between the brick surface and the sole, achieving a non-slip effect.

Tile misunderstanding three: matt brick is not easy to clean. In fact, most of the glaze layers on the surface of the matt bricks are specially treated to be wear-resistant, non-slip, non-sucking, and easy to clean.

Misunderstanding four tiles: "up and down one white brick" ---- a good brick, brick whole body! This move is too high and most people are sure to be fooled. In fact, the manufacturer only added a large amount of zirconium silicate (whitening powder) to the bottom layer, making the buyer look at the whole body and out of a high price. In fact, he bought a chronic poison to release his family, which is very radioactive and harmful to human health.

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