High-end imported furniture market is hot and cold, uneven and bleak market

High-end imported furniture is "hot or hard"

In recent years, the domestic market has not reduced the heat of imported furniture brands. Domestic enterprises have increasingly increased the number of agents for imported furniture brands; some large-scale stores have begun to introduce European and American imported furniture brands; internationally renowned imported furniture brands have entered the domestic market... With the high-end imported furniture market, the frequency has also triggered the industry. Wide attention.

Last week, the Italian home furnishing brand Provasi flagship store officially settled in the home. In an interview with the Beijing News, Provasi said that it highly values ​​the Chinese market and will provide Chinese consumers with exactly the same services and products as consumers in any part of the world, and even said they want to customize products for Chinese consumers.

He Hongyi, general manager of Euroco International Home, also told the Beijing News that the recent sales of imported furniture are good, especially for some imported sofa products. On May 28th, the reporter of the Beijing News visited the International Pavilion of the House of Real Estate and saw that the flow of people in the store was not bad. Even though it was Thursday, there were basically customers who were shopping or shopping in each store.

However, Li Wanli, the design director of the French House, which has been importing furniture for more than 20 years, said that the high-end imported furniture market is not good. Li Wanli told the Beijing News that the current high-end imported furniture market is a tough situation. Due to the impact of the real estate market, it should be said that the high-end imported furniture market has to be smashed.

Dreary market "Amoy" out of real gold

During the visit, the reporter found that there are not a few imported furniture with a price of more than 100,000 yuan or even a million yuan, but some of the most cost-effective imported furniture also quickly occupied the market. A few days ago, the Danish imported home brand HAY stationed in Lane Crawford, the Nordic design known for its simplicity has also gained a lot of people's eyes, and the price of a chair less than 2,000 yuan is also very competitive.

He Hongyi also said that buyers of imported furniture are becoming more and more rational. These consumers are well-informed and often run at home and abroad. Their needs are relatively clear, so as long as the brand is ringing, the products are good, and the service is good, This part of the consumer will be more recognized.

Li Wanli told the Beijing News reporter: "It is still wise to enter the Chinese market at this time. Although the Chinese market is not good, the European and American markets are even worse, and the small brands have closed down. The stamina of the Chinese market should be to attract these. The main reason for high-end imported furniture. Because after entering the Chinese market, it still needs a certain cultivation cycle and popularization of the market, so the future is still promising." Li Wanli also said that in the future high-end imported furniture market, the brand will be the first choice. This is also the same trend as the clothing and luggage. In the future, as long as it is truly culturally supported, the furniture brands in Europe will also occupy more markets.

Market analysis

Good brand + good store

In recent years, the International Home Pavilion has brought together many high-end imported furniture brands and has seized most of the market share. For international brands, choosing to put the flagship store or the first stop in China into a home is a good choice for their own brand. The old-fashioned imported furniture of COFCO Plaza has gradually lost its appeal to high-end imported brands because of the decline in popularity. An industry insider who asked not to be named said that the combination of a good brand and a good store is a win-win result. The service provided by the home to the brand and the advance payment to the consumer are all factors that attract imported brands. .

"bloodliness" is very important

With the opening of the Chinese market, more and more “foreign brands” have begun to enter the country, but there are also some non-pure imported furniture products, some of which are certified abroad, and are manufactured and produced in China or Southeast Asia. At the same time, it is not expensive to import brands. Some Italian homes have many unnamed small brands, including counterfeiting and plagiarism. Some high-end imported furniture will provide special services and product certification to ensure that the imported furniture purchased by consumers is 100% pure "blood".

Good design of well-known designers

High-end imported furniture is not an ordinary consumer goods, and the high price makes it occupy a very small furniture consumption market. In this niche market, the good design of famous designers is more valuable. The high-end furniture that has been formed in Europe and the United States for many years is just a few, and the design of well-known designers who cooperate with these well-known brands is more classic. Some top imported furniture brands even invite famous designers to do exclusive design, which is the charm of the brand.

Industry sound

He Hongyi, General Manager of Euroco International Furniture

Agents and consumers are more "co-photographed"

Many good foreign products have not really entered the domestic market. Nowadays, people are more and more aware of what domestic consumers need, and looking for imported products in a targeted manner. Foreign imports will become more and more abundant. Everyone knows which foreign brands are good brands. Many people have also seen factories in foreign countries. From agents to consumers, they are more and more able to find each other's needs.

Li Wanli's home design director, high-end imported furniture business to "turn over"

Today's high-end imported furniture market is completely different from the past, and it should be said that it has entered a new chapter. The former management methods and concepts need to be adjusted. Operators also need to adjust their business strategies as the market changes, including understanding the changes in consumers' tastes and the future direction of the market. Although many people are now involved in high-end imported furniture, especially in the first two years, everyone still has to figure out one thing, that is, no more than it used to be.

Liu Wanyou, general manager of Beijing Blue Morning Home Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Calmly look at imported furniture "hot"

The development of imported furniture brands will have certain potential in the future, but it cannot be rushed. The agent of imported furniture needs a long period of training. Because many high-end brands do market promotion not only for sales, agents should focus on brand research and future market trends, research whether imported products meet the Chinese market and other issues, and calmly look at imported furniture that is too "hot" on the surface. status quo.

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