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Disinfection cabinets, as sterilization appliances, have very obvious effects in eliminating harmful substances and have always been very popular with consumers. With the development of economy, people’s living standards are constantly improving, and now almost every family owns them. A sterilizer. If properly selected in the dimensions of the sterilizer, it will give you a high quality enjoyment of the entire kitchen. Next, let's talk about the size of the kitchen disinfection cabinet .

Home kitchen disinfection cabinet size first: embedded disinfection cabinet size.

According to Xiaobian's understanding of the size of the embedded sterilizer is not the same, but the difference between the two is not a lot, the embedded sterilizer has two doors and three doors, the difference between the two sizes is relatively large, it is best to buy Return to the kitchen cabinet later to avoid problems with size. The key lies in whether the design of the interior of the sterilizer is reasonable, and the standard size of a household sterilizer is 80-100L. It is also too wasteful.

The size of the household kitchen disinfection cabinet is the second: the size of the vertical disinfection cabinet.

Vertical disinfection cabinet has coated glass door, UV + ozone disinfection, medium temperature drying technology. Its function does not hurt the cutlery, it can disinfect the plastic products, and the internal slide rail can prevent the secondary pollution of the tableware. There is also a vent on the front, which effectively prevents water vapor from corroding the cabinet. This standard vertical sterilizer is 16L is enough.

The size of the household kitchen disinfection cabinet is the third: wall-mounted disinfection cabinet size.

The wall-mounted disinfection cabinet after the embedded disinfection cabinet and the vertical disinfection cabinet became the new favorite. The wall-mounted disinfection cabinet has always been the nobility in the disinfection cabinet. The price was more than 1,000 yuan, which made many families prohibitive, but with the second moving tide As we approached, many families were living in their new homes. In modern kitchens, there must be a "time-appropriate" sterilizer, and this old aristocratic product entered the home of the people. If this type of wall-mounted sterilizer is for home use, the standard size of its sterilizer is generally 80-100L. The specific disinfection cabinet size consumers can purchase according to their own home design.

The above about the size of the kitchen disinfection cabinet is a simple introduction to here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Kitchen disinfection cabinet

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