How to choose paint-free doors

Paintless wooden doors, as the name suggests, are wooden doors that do not require painting. It is well known that our general door is painted with multiple paints to cater to a variety of home styles. However, there will still be many consumers who have not used the unpainted wooden doors to ask for the paint-free doors. How to paint-free wooden doors? How to choose paint free door? Now let's introduce the relevant content of how to choose the paint-free door and how to choose the paint-free door. Interested to hurry to see it!

The advantages of paintless wooden doors:

1, with wood texture, a variety of color changes, more modern and personalized play and green environmental protection request.

2. The product is lubricated with bright appearance and free of paint, which can prevent you from the terrible consequences of harm to the human body caused by toxic gases released in the air after applying other decorative materials.

3, a molding, the construction period is short, that is, acceptance of acceptance can enjoy, early dreams.

4, the use of foreign advanced manufacturing technology, selection of high quality imported raw materials developed paint-free decorative materials, with impact resistance, not spontaneous combustion, pest control, moisture, corrosion, good support, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution and other advantages.

5, construction of lunch, can be cut, can be sawed, can be created, can be nailed.

6, according to your identity, environment, personality, taste to change a variety of different appearance, is the ideal home decoration, interior decoration information.

7. Low-carbon and environmental protection: The product is smooth and smooth on the external appearance. Because there is no paint, toxic gases will not be distributed to the human body. It is green and environmentally friendly. Because there is no need to stop the secondary paint, there is less pollution of the paint and time is saved, so the paint-free door is more environmentally friendly than low-carbon.

8, the price is reasonable, cost-effective. Because the non-painted door is made of composite materials, compared with solid wood doors and other materials, the price of the paint free door is cheaper, the cost performance is very high, and it is also the current working class and the majority of rural families to carry out home renovation and door The preferred type.

Disadvantages of paintless wood doors:

1, easy to crack deformation: easily affected by humidity, temperature and air elements, so that the appearance of cracking deformation.

2. It is not easy to repair: The appearance is easy to hurt and the repair is not good, the color is not full and there is no luster.

3, PVC film easy to aging: PVC film is easy to aging for a long time, low level, short life.

4, can not be hard things to collide, after the paint-free door is a hard object collision is prone to uneven phenomenon, affecting the overall appearance of the paint-free door, mainly because the main use of paint-free door is made of pvc board.

How to choose the material of the paintless door

1. The door core board adopts 6-centimeter-thick high-quality imported medium-density fiberboard, covering all kinds of high-quality imported PVC grain paper or precious wood veneer. With the characteristics of permanent stability, no deformation and cracking, the appearance is as natural and elegant as the solid wood. The material and style can be more choices, and it belongs to high-grade products.

2. The door core of the composite solid wood door is made of dehydrated fir wood and the imported imported environmental protection materials, and the external density plate is attached, and the veneer material is two kinds of veneer and PVC grain paper, and the large pressure door machine 8 - After 12 hours of high temperature hot pressing system, and sealed with solid wood lines. Due to the low density and light weight of the Chinese fir, and the relatively easy control of the moisture content (between 15 and 18%), the finished door is not easily deformed and cracked, resulting in good sound insulation.

3, composite solid wood doors of various shapes, rich style, our factory all use computer carving machine carefully carved, carved fancy or European, or Chinese classical, or fashion modern, different styles of fancy doors give consumers a vast The choice of space.

4. At present, the composite solid wood door with PVC wood grain paper veneer is mainly used, and the large vacuum suction machine is used for one-time plastic blister. The finished product has smooth and soft color, and also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, and flame retardancy.

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