I hope to hear and cut four strokes carefully selected tiles

Quality inspection experts remind consumers that in the process of purchasing ceramic products such as ceramic tiles, the whiter and brighter the color, the better. According to experts from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, some of the porcelain polished tile producers in order to pursue the effect of natural marble white marble, the most common practice is to add zirconia raw materials to the formulation, while zirconia raw materials have higher radioactivity. So how do you choose the main tile for the decoration? The reporter investigated and learned that it is indispensable to "see and ask".

"Wang": The glazed surface of the tile is even, flat, smooth, bright, and the color is consistent. The quality of the tile is the same, there is no color cast phenomenon.

"Smell": With the left thumb, index finger and middle finger clip a corner of the tile, easily hang down, use the right index finger to tap the middle and lower part of the tile, such as the sound is clear, pleasing to the top, such as dull sound, turbidity is the next product.

"Q": Pay attention to the three goods, learn the latest information from the seller, and decide the economical and healthy tiles through trade-offs.

"Cut": At the time of selection, pay attention to the weight of the tile. Generally speaking, the quality of the ceramic tile is relatively heavy and relatively solid. This is mainly due to the difference in the selection and proportion of raw materials. The better the mechanical stress of the tile during processing, the greater the weight.

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Label: Wang Wen asked to cut four strokes carefully selected tiles

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