Intelligent Parking Lot Identification System Common Faults

The license plate recognition system is an application of computer video image recognition technology in vehicle license plate recognition. It has been widely used in parking lots, high-speed intersections, toll channels and other places. In the process of use, license plate recognition system will inevitably have some problems. 1. Image output does not come out This situation should first carry out the following checks: whether the camera has image data output; lens drive line is broken or connected correctly. The connection between the camera and the control board is correct. Identify whether the system has image output and check whether the video line is connected to the recognizer analog video input interface.

2. Passing the car shows "No license plate"

Most of these failures are due to image input reasons. First check whether the license plate recognition camera is normal, whether the image is clear, and whether the position is moving. For the lane separated from the surveillance camera and the license plate recognition camera, the video head of the access recognizer can be connected to the character superimposer to observe whether the image is normal and adjust the camera.

3. The vehicle caught the coil and the software did not respond.

The main reason for this type of failure is that the IPC did not receive a trigger signal, and the license plate recognition host and billing software did not work. For such failures, see Coil and Snapshot Detector Repair Procedures.

4. The software displays "Geting license plate".

The reason for this type of fault is mainly the reason for the communication between the IPC and the license plate recognition host. First check whether the license plate reader is normally turned on and supply power. Second, check if the lane network is normal. Finally, please contact the system monitoring center to check the lane configuration file.

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