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Tiles have been enduring in the building materials market due to their own characteristics of superior resistance to friction and corrosion, easy cleaning, variety of colors and various styles. Whether it is interior decoration or outdoor decorative tiles are the simplest and most affordable choices. However, there are many tiles on the market, in the end choose which brand is good. Here is to recommend a good brand for you to trust - Jiajun ceramic tile, Jiajun ceramic tile is definitely the best choice for your home. Jiajun Ceramic Tile is a brand of Guangdong Jiajun Ceramics Co., Ltd., established in 1998. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of high-grade polished tiles, glass-ceramic composite tiles, antique tiles and artistic texture tiles. How about Jiajun ceramic tile, how is the price of Jiajun ceramic tile ? We together look!

1. Introduction of Jiajun Tiles

Established in 1998, Guangdong Jiajun Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of high-grade polished tiles, microcrystalline glass-ceramic composite tiles, antique tiles, and artistic texture tiles. Its technology is at the leading international level. In 2012, Jiajun Ceramics won three awards: Top Ten Ceramic Brands, Top Ten Brands of Microcrystalline Stones, and Top Ten Brands of Polished Tiles. It has become a well-known brand enterprise that is highly praised by consumers and engineering buyers.

Jiajun Ceramics launched a series of technological innovation ceramic tile products, such as royal royal product, no hole stone, Nine Dragon Wall, Rubik stone, etc., which was included in the list of hi-tech products of the Guangdong Provincial Government. After more than ten years of development, Jiajun ceramic tile has long been in the field of ceramics. Become a leader, highly praised by people in the industry and consumers.

2, Jiajun ceramic tile how

Jiajun Ceramic Tile pays attention to the innovation of scientific research. A total of more than 160 scientific research achievements have been granted national patents, and the technology is at the leading level in the country. Each year, Jiajun researches and develops at least 50 new products, far ahead in the industry.

Jiajun ceramic tiles are popular with designers and users because of their outstanding qualities and varied colors. Scientific research meets the personality traits of different consumer classes. Products are exported to over 50 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa.

3. Jiajun tile prices


1. Nine-Walled Wall SK-02 Polished Brick 800x800mm 322.00 Yuan/Piece

The flowing lines are elegant and dynamic. If the sky is broken, the sky is full of imposing power. The color layers are rich, the texture is soft and elegant, and the space is expressive. It is an indispensable design element in the gorgeous atmosphere.


2. Royal Imperial Products JP-01 Glacier Jade 800x800mm 392.00 RMB/piece

The glacier and jade style is soft and warm, and the harmonious and harmonious stone texture is vividly reflected in the interpretation of Jia Jun’s porcelain making process. The veins with clear veins look like a glacier ink painting, and the magnificent and beautiful glaciers are vivid.


3, JPA63006 gold Phoenix interior wall brick 600x300mm 22.00 yuan / piece

Vertical and horizontal extension of the brick surface texture, with the flames of the gorgeous color of the fire, gold Phoenix brick texture is just like the Phoenix feather-like color gorgeous, magical change has a drow extraordinary breath, dynamic full brick visual effect is like the phoenix Flying, sketching out the beautiful beauty of mottled, and using it for space decoration, the sense of agile feeling arises spontaneously.


4, jade crystal J4-01 glass ceramic tile 600x600mm 399.00 yuan / piece

The product combines the characteristics of porcelain tiles and the advantages of glass-ceramics. Not only does the surface have a jade texture, texture, and the beauty of ice, it also has a wide range of decorative applicability. The birth of jade stone has provided the most beautiful fashion for modern architecture.

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2.Dimension: Customized dimension, OEM & ODM
3.Material: A6063, A6061, A3003 and other series alu alloy        
4.Suface treatment: Anodizing, polishing, turning ,power coating, mill finish etc
5.Equipment: CNC ,extruding machine, cold drawn machine, heating oven, straightening machine, cutting machine  


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6. STANDARD PACKING:Wooden case/carton

7. Trade Terms
1. Payment: 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance pay before delivery.  L/C at sight.
2. Delivery time: 20 days after deposit receiverd. If opening mould, plus 7-10 days.
3. Trade Term can be chosen depending on your requirements.
4. FOB Port: Shanghai

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