Liangshan builds a complete industrial chain of vanadium and titanium

Liangshan builds a complete industrial chain of vanadium and titanium

On the 28th, the China (Panzhihua) Vanadium and Titanium Industry Expo and the Panxi Strategic Resources Innovation and Development Experimental Area Investment Promotion Conference will be opened. The Expo will be jointly organized by Panzhihua City, Liangshan Prefecture, and Ya'an City Government. Before the opening of the Expo, from October 12 to 14, the reporter conducted a focused interview on the development of the vanadium and titanium industry in Liangshan Prefecture. Relying on the reserves of vanadium and titanium with the second largest reserves in the province and the second largest reserve of rare earth oxides in the country, Liangshan Prefecture has positioned the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium, as well as the development of high-grade rare earth deep processing and high-end equipment manufacturing industries to create vanadium, titanium and rare earth industries. Chain development model.

On the 13th, at Panzhihua Xichang Steel Vanadium Co., Ltd., a freight train was loaded with cold-rolled steel sheets and was driven into the Kunming-Chongqing line from the railway in the factory. According to the person in charge of the company, different from Pangang Group headquarters, Xichang Steel Vanadium's main products mainly include vanadium products represented by vanadium and vanadium oxides, high-grade automobile steels and home appliances steels, and high-strength, corrosion-resistant special steels. . Among them, vanadium products are widely used in aerospace, medical and other industries, and have broad prospects.

The proven reserves of vanadium-titanium magnetite in Liangshan are 1.538 billion tons, ranking second in the province. Liangshan is also one of the three major suppliers of light rare earth ore in China, and ranks second in the country in terms of light rare earth reserves. It has now discovered that the reserve of rare earths is 65,796,600 tons, which is concentrated in the two counties of Funing and Dechang, and constitutes the north and south of Sichuan Province. 300 kilometers of rare earth ore belt.

Cheng Wuyi, deputy director of the Liangshan State Development and Reform Commission, said that with the theme of “innovation and development”, the next step, Liangshan will form titanium sponge titanium, titanium metal, titanium, titanium alloy, vanadium industrial batteries, vanadium aluminum alloy, rare earth industry reserves Hydrogen alloys, permanent magnetic materials, luminescent materials, catalytic materials, polishing materials and other vanadium and titanium, rare earth industrial chain development model.

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