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There are two types of lightning protection, conventional and unconventional.

Conventional lightning protection

Conventional lightning protection can be divided into direct lightning protection, inductive lightning protection and comprehensive lightning protection. The lightning protection device for direct lightning protection is generally composed of three parts, ie, a lightning arrester, a down conductor, and a grounding body. The lightning receptor is divided into a lightning rod, a lightning conductor, a lightning conductor, and a lightning protection net. The lightning protection device for inductive lightning protection is mainly a lightning arrester. Multiple lightning protection devices are simultaneously used for the same protection object, which is called comprehensive lightning protection. Lightning protection devices should be tested regularly to prevent them from failing due to poor conductivity or poor grounding.

Lightning rod lightning protection

The lightning arrester is used as a lightning arrester for lightning protection. The lightning rod penetrates the ground through the wire and forms an equal potential difference with the ground. Using its own height, the electric field of the lightning cloud, which increases the electric field intensity to a limit value, is distorted, and ionization starts and the pilot discharge begins. The lightning rod generates a tip discharge under the action of a strong electric field. An upward pilot discharge is formed; the two meet to form a lightning path, which then evacuates into the earth to achieve lightning protection.

In fact, the lightning protection device is a lightning lead, which can lead the surrounding lightning and discharge it in advance. The lightning current can be transmitted to the ground through its own grounding conductor to avoid direct lightning strikes on the object of protection.

The installed lightning rod and the conductor must have good conductivity, and the grounding grid must ensure the smallest possible impedance.

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