Misunderstandings and Countermeasures for Selecting Wheat Varieties

Wheat is high-yield, and good varieties are the key. On the eve of the annual wheat planting, farmers’ friends buy wheat varieties for a good harvest in the coming year. Many farmers' friends don't know much about wheat varieties. It is easy to go into misunderstandings in the selection of varieties and bring undue losses to production.
Misunderstanding 1: One-sided innovation requires that the new variety must be a good variety. It will be used directly for production without local trials and demonstrations. It is biased to believe that the new variety must be a high-yield product.
Countermeasures: Select local agricultural technology promotion and seed department to recommend local varieties.
Misunderstanding 2: Without looking at the scope of adaptation, the one-sided pursuit of large panicle varieties and large panicle varieties generally has a higher yield-increasing potential, but the planting large ear varieties are not necessarily high-yield. Because each variety has a regional nature, good varieties in the field may not be suitable for local planting.
Countermeasures: According to the local ecological conditions, carefully examine the scope of variety adaptation, and select the main varieties released by the agricultural sector.
Misunderstanding 3: Do not look at the conditions of the soil, one-sided pursuit of high-fertilizer water varieties each has its ability to adapt to the level of land, high-fertilizer water species only in the high-fertilizer water plots, in order to play its potential to increase production, if planted in low- and medium-yield fields, often appear Premature aging, dryness, full grain, low flour yield, low yield, etc.
Countermeasure: According to the ground force conditions, the varieties are selected according to the yield level and cultivation level.

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