Negative and positive impact of the economic trend on the furniture industry

The downward trend of the economy will have an impact on the furniture market. Needless to say, all enterprises in the macro-macro background will be affected to varying degrees. This is the impact of the macro-economy on the micro-economy, although the performance of various industries is different. I think the impact of the economic trend on furniture brands is reflected in the following aspects:

First, the negative impact

1. Market demand is suppressed

The relative dependence of furniture and building materials industry on real estate is relatively high. Real estate in the most difficult time of the financial crisis came out of a wave of the biggest market, led to the rapid development of various downstream industries, the furniture industry benefited a lot, so everyone missed that time. However, this round of economic downturn, market demand is affected, in 2010, the new country 10, last year, the country's six out, after last January, 43 cities implemented real estate purchases ... housing sales fell back is very obvious, the sale of area increased. This will inevitably curb the consumption of furniture, but it is also expected by everyone.

2. Increased export difficulties

At present, the international market is changing rapidly, and the situation of the world's major economies is not optimistic, so imports will definitely decrease. In addition, changes in the exchange rate have a great impact on exports. Although the recent round of share reform has slightly depreciated against the US dollar, the overall exchange rate has been rising over the years, which has had a certain impact on the entire export. The difficulty of exporting enterprises may be greater than that of domestic enterprises.

3. Cost increases, funding is tight

The rise in land, capital, labor, raw materials, and energy prices is a general trend. Recently, oil prices have risen twice in a row for six consecutive weeks. Water and electricity are going to implement ladder prices, which has become a bottleneck in the development of the furniture industry. Environmental governance continues to deepen, putting tremendous pressure on enterprises.

Second, positive impact

At present, there are also factors conducive to the development of the furniture market under the economic situation, and such factors are also growing.

1. The transaction volume of newly released real estate is gradually increasing

Since March, the sales volume of the real estate market has rebounded, and the price has changed. The prices in some areas have indeed declined. For example, Fangshan, Daxing, Tongzhou, Shunyi and Huairou in the surrounding areas of Beijing have experienced a relatively large decline. Especially in the areas where Tongzhou and other countries have risen very fast in the past two years, the decline is very obvious. In exchange for the price, just need to release, and after the spring blossoms, it is the family business, the peak of marriage, this time the need to buy a house will also increase; in addition, commercial banks on the first set of interest rates, there is a corresponding discount, so that real estate transactions gradually Active, the volume of transactions in March gradually increased.

2. Safe housing starts construction

The government has increased the construction of affordable housing. Seven million units have been started this year, and four or five million sets of affordable housing have been completed. In other cities (such as Beijing), housing renovation projects have increased, and cyclical home decoration has increased. The demand for furniture and building materials . It is worth noting in the industry that the protection of housing is not as much as the demand for high-end furniture in commercial housing. Therefore, furniture companies must pay attention to the research and development and production of medium and low-grade furniture corresponding to the security housing.

3. The credit situation has improved

The credit situation has improved since the beginning of this year. At the end of March, RMB loans increased by 2.4 trillion yuan. In the first quarter of this year, credit was relatively loose. This will also stimulate the growth of the entire consumption, plus the first quarter of the urban and rural residents disposable income increased by 14%, the corresponding increase in consumption. These favorable factors, together with the overall efforts of the furniture industry, have made the entire furniture market a very good trend. In the first quarter of 2012, the growth rate of national furniture production increased steadily compared with the previous year, and the expansion of furniture production was obvious. According to the data of China Business Intelligence Network, from January to March, the country's furniture products produced a total of 166 million pieces, which was 6.32% narrower than the same period of last year and 14.8 points higher than last year. It not only outperformed GDP, but also outperformed industrial added value. It is close to 15%; it increased by 14.87% year-on-year in March, an increase of 6.65% over the same month of last year. The efforts of the furniture industry have been reflected in the data.

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