PDU cabinet socket purchase considerations

What is a PDU?

The full name of the PDU is the Power Distribution Unit, or power distribution unit, which is often referred to as the cabinet power outlet. The PDU is a special product designed for supplying power to cabinet-mounted electronic products. It has different functions, installation methods, and different insertion positions. The combined series of specifications provides a suitable rack-type power distribution solution for different power environments. The application of the PDU can make the power distribution in the cabinet more neat, reliable, safe, professional and beautiful, and make the maintenance of the power supply in the cabinet more convenient and reliable.

PDU's important parameters 1. Jack model

2. The input and output PDU's applicable working voltage is usually AC220V, and the rated working current is 16A and 32A. 3. Function Lightning Protection Module: The lightning protection module is equipped to connect the electrical equipment on the PDU socket for lightning protection and surge surge. protector. The lightning protection performance is detected by the national lightning protection professional agency, meets the national standard requirements, and reaches the highest level of indoor power supply lightning protection.

Intelligent module: configure intelligent module, which can display power parameters of PDU and load, can detect and control the working status of power load over-current protector through the network: PDU with rated current of 10A, 16A can be configured with over-current thermal overload Protector, its responsive, reusable, convenient and safe control switch: PDU can be configured with one or more 16A single-switch with lamp K, can also be configured with 1P single-break CK or 2P double-break DK air switch, with control socket Power Output.

How to choose PDU?

the way of buying:

A: Integrator: familiar with the equipment room conditions, complete matching, overall settlement, and high prices. (Recommendation index ★★★)

B: Equipment vendors: With its sales equipment such as: servers, routers, switches, etc. can accurately match the jack form and power parameters, packaged with the device settlement, the price is medium. (Recommendation index ★★★★)

C: Cabinet Factory: The cabinet factory is a factory that does sheet metal production. There is no production qualification for electrical devices. In particular, PDUs that are OEM-branded in cabinets have poor quality control and product changes. The prices are confusing, and they are mixed and difficult to identify. Convenience. Packaged with the cabinet settlement. (Recommendation index ★★★)

D: Professional power supplier: such as column head distribution cabinets, PDU professional sellers, companies like Kejia Electric can provide you with professional guidance and help, flexible customization, configuration specifications, high security, low price, just to be separate Settlement. (Recommendation index ★★★★★)

PDU brand A: international brand: complete certification, quality assurance; but the high price, long lead times, generally takes 6-8 weeks, socket form a single, poor compatibility with the device plug, as the standard model products, can not be customized customization.

B: Domestic high-end brands: complete parts certification, complete factory qualifications, single product inspection one by one, medium price (equivalent to 1/3 to 1/2 of international brands), complete service, and high degree of product customization.

C: Domestic low-end brands: Component certification is incomplete, and the quality is not stable. Most of the products are made up of speculative small factories. The factory is not qualified or under the guise of other people. The parameters are confusing, the actions are bold, and some can be customized. The price is extremely low. Instead of using this type of PDU, it would be better to use a genuine high-end brand of cable tray.

The PDU purchase should pay attention to the above points, given that many computer room projects require special custom PDUs, they should communicate clearly with the manufacturers when purchasing. If you have any questions or need, please visit Coca Electric and we will provide you with professional rack outlet PDU solutions.

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