Realizing the successful breakthrough of furniture enterprises from the perspective of customer demand

In the past, people believed that the core competitiveness of an enterprise was determined by its internal resources and capabilities. However, in the face of the market environment where furniture products are more than demanding and demanding, the market has given a negative answer. Apple has created another era of mobile phones with iphone. Iphone is more humanized in design and more complete in function. Its development and design process has attracted thousands of people to participate, thus revolutionizing the needs of different customers. This is the "killer" of Apple's victory. This gives us a new understanding of the core competitiveness of the company. In order for a furniture company to successfully achieve “breakthrough”, it must also develop and manufacture products from the perspective of customer needs. Furniture manufacturers can only maintain their unique market competitiveness in order to win the market. The author believes that you can work from the following aspects:

First, when designing and developing products, we should listen to the recommendations of furniture dealers and terminal customers in the early stage of development. When Guangdong Xiangshi Changye Furniture Company conducts product development, it will submit the product effect sketches to its terminal dealers for collection of customer suggestions and opinions, and then finalize the draft. This is also the real reason why the "ENVI Ai Wei" Jianou art furniture and the "Rose Square" English garden furniture produced by Shichang Industrial Furniture Co., Ltd. are particularly popular in the market.

Second, the furniture designer should often enter the selling market to listen to the opinions of the terminal customers, to understand the real needs of customers, such as the high box bed demand of northern customers, the muffler buffer door hinges for children's products, the middle-aged wardrobe tie and the trousers hanging requirements.

Third, in the development of furniture products, enterprises should continue to enrich the functionality, comfort and environmental safety of products. At the famous furniture exhibition in September this year, the Dynasty furniture promoted functional furniture products to meet the rising consumer demand for personalized products.

Fourth, before the launch of new products, it is necessary to conduct shopping mall experience activities, fully understand the needs of different groups of people for furniture products, in order to improve products.

V. Combine the mainstream fashion trends of the upstream real estate and decoration industry in the furniture industry to determine the style of furniture products and avoid the unsatisfactory sales of furniture products.

Sixth, attach importance to after-sales work. The customer's after-sales demand is actually a recommendation for the quality negation and functional modules of our products. How to complete the after-sales work quickly and efficiently is a problem that should not be ignored in the process of shaping the furniture brand .

In general, as long as furniture companies truly focus on customers, consider issues from the perspective of customer needs, boldly adjust the business operation model, and strengthen service thoughts, it is possible to achieve market success.

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