Ren Zhengfei: We will not tolerate the cultivation of trees under the tree.

Ren Zhengfei once said: "All resources in the world may be exhausted. Only one kind of resources can be born, that is culture." Well, let us take a look at Huawei's culture.

Huawei cadres are not lifelong

Huawei is determined to eliminate the "sandwich class", which is summed up from the painful lessons of Apple. “Sandwich class” refers to those who have neither practical experience nor understanding Huawei's corporate culture, but also place them in higher positions. The existence of the "sandwich class" will inevitably lead to a bad culture, which will eventually lead to the company's failure. For them, they must be pushed to the grassroots to exercise and become natural leaders to establish their position in Huawei.

Huawei can't have eternal high speed. The quality of each person, the level of personal learning efforts, and the ability to self-reform are very different. How can we push the company forward in a coordinated manner? At least, I can't see the future of Huawei's long-term future. Therefore, we must not slack off, and cadres must become an eternal system and become a good tradition of the company.

The company must eradicate the sediment layer, eradicate the backward layer, eradicate irresponsible people, and must be cured. For a person who is irresponsible and in the position, he must withdraw his official position, and when there is a new job, the deputy can not let him do it. For those who are not responsible for the long-term position, they can immediately dismiss. If you don't quit, what hope does this team have? If you can't recognize this problem, you won't have hope. Without a good cadre team, a company will definitely die.

Can't sit down and discuss the issue of cadre team building. It should be adjusted in the war. If it is not suitable, it will go on, including all senior cadres. We will not tolerate raping, and it is not good to enjoy the cold under the big tree. The purpose of rectifying the cadre team is to keep the company alive. In order to survive, the company can survive only if those who hinder the development of the company go on, or if the styles that are not conducive to our development are completely eliminated. This is also the purpose of our rectification.

Our cadres are not lifelong, and senior cadres must be able to get on and off. Upon expiration of the term of office, the cadre will accept the organization's deliberation report and the next stage of the application, accept the organization and the masses' comments and re-discuss the remuneration. When the Yangtze River pushes a wave, there is no life without metabolism. The necessary elimination is needed, and the tenure system is a gentle way.

Jiangshan has talented people to come out and want to consolidate from generation to generation. It cannot be said that every cadre can continue to develop in the post, and it is normal for the old generation to retreat. So we have established a mechanism, that is, you can't keep up, your body can't work, your position is adjusted, and your stock won't move.

If we can't form a mechanism that is conducive to the growth of excellent talents, the trains that move at high speed can't be up and down, then the operation of the train can't be separated from the bondage of life. We will definitely walk on the road of prosperity. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the promotion of new cadres, especially in hardship areas, where new cadres are not promoted, and our business model will not continue.

The company will not accommodate anyone

We advocate that we can get on and off, and in the big waves of practical activities, we must put comrades who do have a job in their posts, regardless of their qualifications. We need to transfer promising cadres into training so that we can take on greater responsibility. We also unswervingly eliminate incompetent people. In order to protect high efficiency, we are not soft-hearted and soft. All comrades who wish to progress can only struggle for a way out.
All departments must adjust, consolidate, enrich and improve in the rapid development. All adjustments must be built around. All departments must clean up some cadres and start from the cadres above the department. It is necessary to have a strong sense of responsibility, a sense of mission, dare to be responsible, work hard, safeguard the interests of the company, and cadres who are good at uniting comrades are brought up. It’s true that the cadres who have not understood the principles, the vacancies, and the unrealistic facts have been removed, and they have resolutely implemented the elimination mechanism. Only when the soil is consolidated can it develop.

To maintain a long-term stability of the company is to maintain the correct cadre elimination mechanism. Whether you are a senior cadre or a founder, you may be eliminated, including me, or the company will not have hope. The company does not accommodate anyone. Why can't senior cadres do ordinary employees? Therefore, the original senior cadres are tired and can be transferred to the general staff of the organization. They will live in peace without drifting.
It is necessary to strictly determine the process responsibility system, fully mobilize the middle and lower levels to take responsibility, and make timely and timely decision-making within the scope of authority; adjust the cadres who cannot bear the responsibility and dare not take responsibility to the operational positions; and the cadres who are protected by Mingzhe or lack of skills Replace the management position; remove the seniority of the seniority, and take responsibility, ability, morality and interpersonal communication skills, team organization and coordination ability... as the guide for selecting cadres.

Performance appraisal

The final elimination will be integrated into the daily performance appraisal work system to achieve the final elimination of daily routine. The cadres who have been demoted will not be promoted and used within one year, and they will not be promoted across departments. We must prevent the wind of "non-blood" skirts. After one year, outstanding achievements must be strictly assessed. For departments/teams whose performance cannot meet the requirements of the company for two consecutive years, not only the top leaders must be demoted, but all the cadres and employees must also be jointly and severally liable.

The final cleaning of unqualified cadres must not only stay at the level of the grassroots supervisors. For unqualified middle and high-level cadres who also want to be genuine, they must implement the final elimination. The final elimination rate of unqualified cadres at each level must reach 10%. For departments or teams that have not completed their annual tasks, the final elimination ratio of cadres can be further improved.

The company's final elimination system is mainly for executives, not for employees. It is necessary to strengthen the implementation of the final elimination of the cadre group stratification level. At this stage, we will focus on the elimination of the last 10% of the middle-level managers in the annual ranking. For those who are not suitable for management positions, they can adjust to work in their suitable business positions.

Unqualified cadre clean-up and employee final elimination should form an institutional and quantitative approach, based on performance and speaking with data. Facing the future, we should gradually integrate the cleanup of unqualified cadres and the final elimination of employees into the daily performance management system to form an integrated work model rather than an independent work.

Huawei must continue to adhere to the assessment of effective growth, profit, cash flow, and improvement of per capita benefits. Anyone who can't achieve the company's per capita benefit improvement and improvement average, the system team leader, region, product line, department, regional department, representative Waiting for the top leaders at all levels to be accountable. In departments above the average line, we must sort out the positive profits, positive cash flow, and the realization of strategic goals, and resolutely eliminate the senior management cadres.

We continue to adhere to the cultural values ​​of “customer-centric, struggle-oriented”. If we don't struggle, we will have no way out. Huawei must advance. If we move forward, we must adjust those unsuitable cadres to appropriate positions. We have made changes to the assessment of 12th grade and below. It is an absolute assessment. However, for the "strugler" of 13th grade and above, we carry out relative assessment, especially those who hold administrative positions. We must implement unswervingly. The last elimination system, you can get more benefits without knocking out, we can not let you enjoy the benefits, responsibility and power, contribution and interests are equal, it is impossible to only benefit without contribution.

The last elimination was learned from the West Point Military Academy. Its purpose was to squeeze the team, activate the organization, encourage advancement, and spur progress, forming a way to select leaders. High-end employees have to be leaders, forcing him to be excellent, and to be better, it is painful. Isn't the day going to be a big man? You must first suffer. We can't expect grassroots employees to be leaders at once, let them work in a relaxed state, create performance, and make more money.

The assessment should be simple, the orientation should be clear, only the standard baseline, there is no relative proportion of people and people. One of the purposes of our ABC evaluation is to select leaders and not to squeeze all the leaders in order to select leaders. Our 360-degree assessment is also to find Garcia, to find contributors, to find the strugglers, how can it become a special to find shortcomings? We are not mother-in-law. We must have a difference in the management methods of grassroots employees and the management methods of high-end employees. The grassroots employees must first do their best, allocate according to work, and get more work.

The unburning bird is a phoenix

In order to meet the development needs of the company's big market, large scientific research, large structure, and large system, all the marketing departments will submit their resignation reports at the same time as submitting the resignation report, accepting the review of the organization, and showing the heroic spirit of fearlessness. In the period of such complicated and difficult development of the Chinese communication market, this move is really a shocking ghost and will shake the whole of China. "One will make a lot of bones dry," I sincerely thank those heroes and children who have crossed the Dadu River in the history of Huawei's development, climbed through the snowy mountains and grasslands, and are still unknown.

We ask the cadres who have to be demoted to adjust their mentality, reflect correctly, and cheer up in new jobs. Don't blame yourself and don't complain. Where did you fall and where to get up? In particular, those cadres who have been wronged and demoted have continued their efforts without regrets and have proved themselves with practical actions. These people are valuable assets of the company and are valuable talents for the future. Organizations also make mistakes, and there is a time to evaluate a person’s injustice.

There will always be some people who are wronged, and the correct treatment of these people will bring ten times the power of our progress. Thanks to your correct treatment, it also gives the organization support in the future to give you greater trust. There is no absolute fairness, and you can't expect too much in this regard. But in the face of the hard work, the opportunities are always equal, as long as you work tirelessly, your supervisor will know you. To be able to withstand good things is wronged.

"The burning bird is a phoenix", this is the attitude of Huawei to treat grievances and setbacks and the criteria for selecting cadres. There is no certain ability to withstand, how to make a beam in the future. In fact, the fate of a person is in his own hands. There is an error in the evaluation of life, but it will never be reversed in black and white. We must be convinced that in Huawei, the sun will always rise, even if it is still under the horizon.

Cadres should face the adjustment of posts caused by change with a normal heart, and we must focus on the overall situation. The cleaned up cadres should not suffer from losses, and can create new achievements in the grassroots positions, and welcome you to rise to the position you are qualified for. If you go on, you can't replace the people who do well underneath, otherwise the team will be completely chaotic. The correct team can't move.

The organization is well positioned. After the process is working well, the cadres should be re-selected according to the job conditions of the process. Regardless of any department, as long as it does not meet the process requirements, it is necessary to reorganize and then locate what kind of cadres are needed. Cadres must be able to get on and off, and inappropriate cadres should be transferred to positions that he can do. If he thinks that adjustments are inappropriate, he can resign.

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