Round US integrated ceiling round US integrated ceiling price

At present, hundreds of large and small ceiling brands have been integrated into the market, but a large part of the quality is not enough. Among the many integrated ceiling brands, Yuanmei integrated ceiling is a familiar brand. Xiaobian said today that everyone is most concerned about the round of the United States integrated ceiling price .

The latest round of US integrated ceiling price

Yuanmei integrated ceiling arrogant purple · Jiaozi series M3-1 (purple): 112.00 yuan / piece

Yuanmei integrated ceiling Tianyun series of Tianyun · Galaxy D9C: 78.00 yuan / piece

Yuanmei integrated ceiling water magic series of elegant charm D1Y: 138.00 yuan / piece

Round Beauty Mosaic Series D7C-1 (Silver): 88.00 RMB/piece

Yuanmei integrated ceiling water cube series silver fantasy D1M (silver): 58.00 yuan / piece

Yuanmei Integrated Ceiling Water Cube Gold Meditation D1M (Gold): 58.00 Yuan/Piece

Yuanmei integrated ceiling water magic series damask D2M: 48.00 yuan / piece

N Reasons to Choose Round Beauty Integrated Ceiling

1. Longer life of electrical appliances After the traditional ceiling installation of an independent bathroom heater, the heating, lighting, and ventilation components of the bathroom heater are bound to each other, so that the body temperature rises higher and the service life of various components is reduced. The Yuba module in the new model combination adopts an open installation mode, which allows it to freely dissipate heat and increase the service life of various components by 150%.

2. The installation location is more scientific The heating, lighting, and ventilation components in the new model are independent of each other, and the installation position is freely combined. The lighting and ventilation functions are no longer the same as the traditional Yuba. Therefore, the installation position can be determined based on the convenience of use. .

3, the cost is more economical and reasonable After planning the installation location, you can make every point of the energy to the extreme, so that every wire is warm, every bright, every breeze is at your service

4, visually more beautiful and pure flat bath panels, lighting panels, ventilation panels and aluminum roof naturally, coordination, simplicity contains a taste.

5, promise more sincere letter to promise: no deformation, no rust, lifetime warranty. "Top Beauty" enjoys 50 years

The relevant information about Yuanmei integrated ceiling price is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have something that you don't understand, you can leave a message for Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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