Shower room installation precautions to create a transparent clean bathroom

The shower room is the perfect way to create a dry and wet separation of the bathroom. For those who are increasingly pursuing high quality of life, the simple and practical shower room has become our focus. However, the frequent occurrence of explosions and showers in the shower room has made us feel at a loss. In order to enjoy a comfortable bath, a quality shower room is a must. It not only has the warmth function, but also allows us to easily create a clean and bright bathroom. space. Then what are the precautions before and after the installation of the shower room? Xiaobian gave you a series of small experiences, I hope to help everyone!

When designing the shower room, the size and layout of the bathroom should be considered and the frameless series of products should be selected according to their own preferences. Then consider the treatment of the bottom (with stone basin, stone base), window sill, toilet seat, bathtub, wall column, wash basin, door opening method, etc., and finally determine the style and brand of the shower room. The Launn Reynolds shower room is the first in the industry to be equipped with a professional designer, which will help you create a personalized bathroom space. A comfortable and pleasant shower room is the perfect design.

For the size of the bathroom, please choose the appropriate shower room product. The large space can be considered from the perspective of comfortable and loose showers, with a variety of options, while the small space should make full use of the area, to choose some of the less-placed push-pull design and interior design as well, combined with the boutique rack, go Make full use of the space. When choosing the style, you should also consider the overall effect of the shower room and the bathroom. The selected shape (such as square or arc type) should be coordinated with the shape of the wash basin and the toilet, and the reasonable layout creates a relaxed environment!

The best way to choose a shower room is to design the appropriate size and pre-embed the corresponding hole position before the bathroom is not renovated. If the water supply system has been installed and the tile floor tiles are attached, there should be a customized shower room. When designing the shower room, you can choose the standard, or you can customize the non-standard according to the actual size of the bathroom. When you go to the building materials market to buy the shower room, first of all, you need to have a clearly dimensioned bathroom structure map for the store staff reference design. You can also ask professional designers to go to the site design, draw the drawings based on the site conditions and their own preferences, determine the complete elements, and then arrange the manufacturers to produce. The production cycle and transportation time of the non-standard shower room is about 20 days. At that time, please install the professional installation technicians.

Bottom treatment: the overall effect is good, and the shower room is elegant and generous. When installing the shower room, it is placed directly on the ground and placed in the water to seal the bottom. It is better to choose the thicker and long-life anti-blocking and deodorizing design.

Stone-based treatment: for the corner of the wall and the installation of the bottom basin can be used as a water-blocking treatment, the stone foundation can be embedded, embedded in the wall and the ground 1-2 cm, or the ground can be paved Base, then install the shower room on it, but please pay attention to the custom-made shower room when you lose the embedded wall part, the stone base has artificial stone and real stone.

Directly use the floor brick shower recess: According to the size of the concave pool provided by the company, the concave pool surface is about 2 cm below the floor of the bathroom, and the floor drain is made of stainless steel. The overall effect is good and the wall column can be avoided, and the cost is also low.

When purchasing goods, some blind consumers choose some low-cost, relatively poor quality shower rooms for the sake of saving. After using for a period of time, the pulleys can not be pushed, the accessories are damaged, the water leakage is serious, and the glass is heavy. Self-explosive injury, the problem continues to emerge, manufacturers are also weak in maintenance, and even shirk responsibility, to avoid problems. And Lauren Reynolds selects high-quality aluminum, fully tempered glass for automobiles, imported stainless steel pulleys, and uses professional technology to manufacture high-quality shower room products, training professional installation and after-sales service personnel, and getting high quality products from design to terminal. The embodiment of the product quality, the reputation as the life of enterprise development, maintenance first. Therefore, please pay attention to the choice of quality and service. The service life of a set of high-quality shower room is 3-5 times that of the inferior shower room, and the effect is unmatched.

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