Some targets find out several types of entrances

First, independent:

Stand-alone: ​​It is the main attraction that leads to the main space of the living room. For example, at the entry gate, the most common is the home garden. Play a striking effect, this kind of entrance can choose one or several kinds of material design to deal with.

Second, adjacent type:

Adjacent: The living room is connected to the restaurant, or the tea room. There is no more independent space. Usually it is more appropriate to use it together with other objects, such as the shoe cabinet next to it. The style of the so-called functional area of ​​the storage cabinet must be consistent, otherwise the tooth is lost.

Third, inclusive:

Inclusion: After entering the living room, the entrance appears in the living room or inside the home garden. This is a headache for everyone. As long as the heart is used to measure, design with heart, and come out of the entrance works, I believe that it is absolutely possible to become the highlight of the entire living room, while at the same time sublimating the owner’s spiritual civilization and increasing the decorative effect of space.

Edit reminder:

In general, since the entrance area is generally not large, the cost of decoration is also high. Can be clever use of scattered materials, cheap materials, as long as the heart, I believe it is the best entrance. The owner can spend more time decorating the entrance, and it can have the ideal effect of spending less money and getting twice the result with half the effort.

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