Talking about the Application Value of Domestic Aluminum Alloy Cables

[Chinese aluminum industry network] The rise of aluminum alloy cable As we all know, due to the physical, mechanical, pressure creep and other performance defects of the aluminum material in the aluminum connection terminal and the supporting aluminum connector, it is easy to cause security problems and other issues in the The low voltage distribution field was abandoned.

With technological advancement, Southwire pioneered the invention of the mainstream grade AA8176 conductor aluminum alloy in the conductor aluminum alloy AA-8000 series in 1968, after which Alcoa Corporation also applied for the AA8030 grade conductor aluminum alloy invention. North America and other countries mainly use these two brand technologies to manufacture aluminum alloy cable products that are now widely used in the North American market.

In 1970, related cable companies in the United States worked together with companies such as electrical product laboratories and connector manufacturing companies. The connector manufacturers successfully produced AA8176 and AA8030 aluminum alloy cables with aluminum alloy materials AA8176 and AA8030 respectively. Aluminum alloy connector with the same performance as aluminum alloy cable.

This aluminum alloy cable is used in connection with aluminum alloy connectors with the same cable performance. It is widely used in aluminum alloy conductor power cables for construction and other fields. It has achieved safety and no accidents in North America and other countries for nearly 50 years. Successful application of aluminum alloy cable history.

After market and time testing, aluminum alloy cables and cable performance matching aluminum alloy connectors used in the connection solution, has finally formed a North American and other countries to standardize the connection solution.

The invention of the conductor aluminum alloy was a major revolution in the field of electrical materials. The application of aluminum alloy cable has completely changed the pattern of the cable product market dominated by copper cables in the low-voltage power distribution field.

Connection application conditions Mature aluminum alloy cable technology and products are indeed a good thing. By increasing the cross-section of the conductors, through the pressing process, and the same electrical performance, the outer diameter of the cable is comparable to the copper cable. In addition to the electrical performance of aluminum alloy cable can be comparable with copper cable, the mechanical performance is better than copper cable, cost-effective than copper cable, is an ideal alternative to copper cable.

However, aluminum alloy cables are very different from copper cables and aluminum cables in terms of cable connection technology and connection accessories. There is also a big gap in the maturity of application conditions.

Because the conductors of copper cables and aluminum cables are all of a single kind of metal material, and after several decades of development of copper and aluminum cable products, the technology of cable connection and so on has been very mature, and the supporting connecting accessories and other products have also formed a complete industry and Product supply chain, application conditions have been very perfect.

The aluminum alloy cable conductor is based on aluminum as the substrate, according to the conductor aluminum alloy formulation requirements by adding a variety of other metal smelting of new alloy materials. For the conductor aluminum alloy material, in addition to the American AA-8000 series with six grades, there are many domestic aluminum alloys with rare earth high-iron, rare earth, and high conductivity, and conductor aluminum alloy materials used by cable manufacturers. Are not the same.

Many different conductor aluminum alloys are used in the manufacture of aluminum alloy cables, resulting in the difficulty in unifying the connection technology and connecting accessories products of aluminum alloy cables, and the industry and product supply chain of matching aluminum alloy connection accessories products with the same performance of domestic aluminum alloy cables. Difficult to form, even on the market can not buy and aluminum alloy cable supporting special aluminum alloy connector and other accessories. Therefore, in China, the application conditions of aluminum alloy cables have yet to mature.

The connection technology and products were misled. Since the introduction of foreign aluminum alloy cable products in 2007 and began to promote in the domestic market, due to the irresponsibility and unprofessionalism of the so-called professional aluminum alloy cable manufacturers, the aluminum alloy cable connection problem has not been solved. Misleading science, coupled with a number of more unprofessional production of copper cables, but also to the non-professional manufacturers of aluminum alloy cable manufacturers are not responsible for the promotion of fuel, in the market for several years, they did not seriously study the aluminum alloy What is the essential difference between the cable and the copper cable and the aluminum cable in the connection application? There is nothing in the connection technology research of the aluminum alloy cable and the development of the connection product. For the sake of commercial interests, manufacturers do not know where they are, causing domestic aluminum alloy cables to appear in connection with the use of so-called aluminum alloy terminals that use copper-aluminum transition terminals and aluminum alloy cable conductors to achieve the connection of aluminum alloy cables.

It can be said that if the aluminum alloy cable does not solve the aluminum alloy connection terminal and other accessory problems that are consistent with the performance of the cable, the aluminum alloy cable has no application value at all. The more popularization and application, the more potential safety hazards will be left for the user. And other issues.

Through technological progress, aluminum alloy cables were born. Now that aluminum alloy cables are connected with aluminum terminals or other so-called alloy terminals that do not match the cable performance as a connection solution, the inherent defects in aluminum and the so-called aluminum alloys, and the potential safety hazards still exist. What is the value and significance of the birth of aluminum alloy cables? What is the value of the user to buy aluminum alloy cable? This kind of erroneous connection solution that is extremely irresponsible to the user's life and property safety has been widely exposed by many domestic media recently. The problem that the industry has deliberately evaded has finally been exposed.

The dilemma of connecting the product supply chain The application of the American aluminum alloy cable, from the product technology invention to the related accessory connector technology and product improvement, took only two years. Aluminum alloy cables use aluminum alloy connectors that have the same performance as aluminum alloy cables when connected. This correct connection solution, which has been proven for decades, guarantees the advantages and value of aluminum alloy cables.

Therefore, to ensure that the advantages and value of the aluminum alloy cable can be played and reflected, the aluminum alloy cable with the same performance as the aluminum alloy cable must be used as a connection solution.

These aluminum alloy cables' successful experience and standardized connection solutions summarized in decades of applications in North America and other countries are directly referenced and used by the domestic market.

According to the industry's understanding: At present, manufacturers who produce copper nose and copper-aluminum transition terminals do not have the conditions and capabilities for producing aluminum alloy copper connectors for aluminum alloy cables with different conductor and aluminum alloy formulations. Professional connection terminal manufacturers can't support aluminium alloy cable companies with aluminum alloy copper connection terminal products.

In solving the problem of aluminum alloy connection terminals, some cable companies have contacted individuals who have worked in professional connection terminal manufacturers, trying to solve the aluminum alloy terminal development, production, supply problems. In fact, such thoughts and practices are too inflexible. Imagine that even the difficulties that cannot be solved by professional manufacturers depend on the capabilities of some individuals. How can we solve this problem?

In fact, aluminum alloy cable special aluminum alloy connection terminals, can only rely on each aluminum alloy cable production companies to increase their own technology, equipment investment and other measures to solve, rather than opportunistic, and pin their hopes on the ineffective approach. Finally missed the opportunity for corporate development.

The new tricks of bad companies Recently, aluminum alloy cable market has emerged a new trick, that is, there are some bad manufacturers (some of which are still well-known manufacturers), began to dry up to the user to open their cheque cheating tricks, big 忽悠 user, claiming to provide users with the connection The terminal is a special aluminum alloy connection terminal for aluminum alloy cable.

However, these unscrupulous manufacturers could not find any information that could be issued by an authoritative testing organization that could prove the performance of the aluminium alloy connecting terminal with the aluminum alloy material it produced. If the user does not carefully identify, then these manufacturers than the final supply of the terminal is connected to the aluminum cable copper-aluminum transition terminal or the performance of the cable with the so-called aluminum alloy terminals.

There are also individual initiators and unscrupulous companies that do not consider the interests of users and knowingly make mistakes. When copper and aluminum terminals are known to be unavailable, wrong, and have been exposed by the industry, they have used the trust of the industry and users for their commercial interests. Still sending articles, trying to excuse, trying to continue to mislead users.

It is hoped that the users can arouse enough vigilance to meet the supply of the connecting terminals of such manufacturers, and in addition to eliminating the supply of copper-aluminum transition terminals, it is necessary to examine carefully whether the manufacturer can provide "cable conductors" issued by a national authoritative testing agency. Aluminum alloy material connection terminal determination judgment report" to determine the consistency of the manufacturer's connection terminal material and cable conductor aluminum alloy material, in order to effectively safeguard their own interests, to ensure the safety of the use of aluminum alloy cable.

Self-reliant business outlet According to industry reports: In the domestic aluminum alloy cable industry, currently only the UMI alloy cable in the United States inherits the successful experience and standardized connection solutions in North America and other countries. UMI alloy cable in the United States is the provider of a full set of technical solutions for aluminum alloy cables.

In order to develop the industry, in addition to aluminum alloy cable products, aluminum alloy cable companies must seriously solve the bottleneck problem of aluminum alloy connection terminals that are consistent with cable performance. Otherwise cable manufacturers will only do the cable, then the connection terminal who support you? There is no connection terminal that matches the performance of your cable. How can the cable be sold? How can users dare to use? The problems that the application conditions of aluminum alloy cables do not have, since they exist objectively and cannot be avoided, cable manufacturers must seriously solve them. This is a long-term plan for the development of enterprises, and it is also a fundamental way out.

Facing the industry's different differences In fact, although the aluminum alloy cable industry and the copper and aluminum cable industry are all cable industry, there is a big difference between manufacturing conditions and application conditions. In the copper and aluminum cable industry, cable manufacturers only need to manufacture the cable itself, and accessory terminals and other accessories are provided to the professional terminal manufacturers. The aluminum alloy cable industry is a new and new technology industry. It not only has a high technical threshold, but also has large investment in equipment, and the accessory supply chain for aluminum alloy connection terminals and other accessories has no basis.

Therefore, in the aluminum alloy cable industry, in addition to the ability to produce conductor aluminum alloy materials and aluminum alloy cable products, cable companies must also have the ability to produce aluminum alloy connection terminals and other accessories, or even if it is not a professional aluminum alloy cable production enterprise.

In China, it is not possible to make aluminum alloy cables by using copper and aluminum cables, and it is not possible to make aluminum alloy cables alone. The professional production enterprise in the aluminum alloy cable industry must have comprehensive capabilities such as conductor aluminum alloy material production, cable product production, and connection terminal accessory production.

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