Teach you how to detect the failure of swing gate/wing gate

Gate gates, such as wing gates and swing gates , are very common gates. They are used in a wide range of applications and are used at high frequencies. Wing gates, swing gates and other channel gates, if carefully maintained, generally do not have a big problem. However, a small probability event does not mean that it will not occur. The maintenance personnel know more about some of the latest troubleshooting methods and will bring a lot of convenience to daily maintenance.

1. After swiping, the gate opens, but the gate is not closed. This situation is usually not good for the middle anti-clip infrared. Before fixing the chassis, it must be determined that the infrared pair is good enough to open and close the door normally. If there is no good infrared, after power on, it will alarm. After swiping, please use the direction arrow to exercise.

2. Wing gates, swing gates and other channel gates will not open the door after the card is swiped and the door will not open. There will be no response, or it will not open automatically after a power failure. Check again to see if there is any drop in the signal line. Check the signal on the main board. The indicator light has received the open signal.

3. The working status of the direction indication of the gate gates such as wing gates and swing gates is that the green arrow points to the left, to the right, or to the red cross. If the direction indicates no response, or the direction of the indication is incorrect. You can switch to another test and try it with a good one. Check the wiring again.

4. After the channel gate is swiped, there is one open and one not open. Check again if the sync line is connected. After the connection is guaranteed, if the motherboard that does not open has received an open signal, if not, check whether the wiring is dropped or if the plug on the motherboard is plugged in.

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