The emergence of new technologies has brought the big screen splicing market to a climax

With the continuous development of the splicing technology, various new technologies emerge in endlessly, such as 3D, full HD, touch splicing walls, etc., so that the application scope of the large-screen splicing system is continuously expanded. Related industry analysts believe that the large-screen splicing industry is a very promising industry, and the healthy development of each emerging industry is inseparable from technological innovation, as is the large-screen splicing industry. The constant emergence of new technologies will inevitably push the big screen splicing market to a new application climax, and at the same time it will promote the steady development of the entire market.

Take HD for example. From a technical point of view, reaching the high-definition display unit helps to achieve a higher screen resolution, which not only makes the visual effects clearer, but also compares with the traditional display unit, the same size of the display unit, the high-definition unit can display More screen content, so that you can save costs, the same place can also reduce the gap between the screen caused by patchwork, which is undoubtedly a great attraction for users.

The appearance of high-definition video wall gives the user a visually perfect experience, allowing more industry users who have more stringent visual requirements to enjoy the convenience brought about by the large-screen splicing. However, the large-screen splicing market has been developed so far, because of various reasons, it has always stopped at the application of the control room, in the industry closely related to the general public, large-screen splicing is out of reach.

In particular, with the successive convening of large-scale events such as the Olympic Games, Asian Games and the World Expo, large-screen splicing began to be closely linked with various events and large-scale displays, and large-screen splicing also began to enter the public's attention. For example, display platforms such as TV studio studio walls, airport advertising information screens, shopping mall information advertising screens, commercial building lobbies and other public places.

Different from the traditional control room applications, in the above mentioned application places, due to the particularity of their application environment, they have more special requirements for the system, such as increasing the interest of the product and enhancing the product. Interactivity and so on. The advent of 3D and touch technology can well meet the needs of this segment of users and provide favorable conditions for large-screen splicing products to enter these sites.

For example, like a touch screen wall. The so-called touch splicing wall, a simple understanding is to add a touch function for the large-screen splicing system, so that the splicing wall system can only get rid of the awkward position as a display device. Through touch technology, users can not only query all kinds of information, even under the conditions permitting, they can also play some simple mini-games, and on the big screen, they can also control the application of various programs, etc. Convenient, but also allow users to fully experience the joy of human-computer interaction.

And 3D is not to mention, the current 3D application on the civilian display device is a mess, although it has not been widely used in the field of splice because of various factors. However, in the chat with various splicing vendors, Projection Times has learned that for the moment, a considerable number of users are very much looking forward to the application of 3D splicing walls, such as science and technology museums, exhibition halls, and so on. Therefore, under the dual conditions of the urgent need of the market and the constant efforts of the splicing manufacturers, the 3D splicing wall will surely become more widely used in the future.

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