The first example of breeding in Qinghai

“In order to make the study more persuasive and the results of the research more rigorous, we sent relevant samples to a Beijing-based professional institution for paternity testing,” said Xu Jingtao, an associate researcher at the Animal Husbandry Institute of Qinghai Province’s Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences.

Xu Jingtao is the head of the Project Group of the International Science and Technology Cooperation Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology under the title of “Research on the Production of Excellent Yak Embryos Using in Vitro Fertilization” undertaken by the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine of Qinghai Province. After nearly four years of hard work, this project team successfully produced an IVF male yak on the test cattle farm in this hospital on March 4 this year.

"When I was just born, the calf's heel was a little bent and could stand up on the next day. It would be able to run and jump the third day. Now, about a kilo a day," said Xu Jingtao. The calf was born at a weight of 26 kilograms. The body is pure black. There is a white spot on the forehead. Because its father is a wild boar yak, the calf's body is larger than the average calf.

Xu Jingtao introduced that the first “test tube yak” is an ordinary ox ovary collected after being slaughtered at an abattoir. After oocytes are harvested in the laboratory and matured, in vitro fertilization of yak frozen semen is performed in vitro. After fertilized eggs were cultured for 7 days to achieve blastocyst or blastocyst stage, they were stored in liquid nitrogen using embryonic vitrification technique, thawed and transplanted into natural estrus and placed in bed. After 261 days of “pregnant pregnancy”, the fertilized eggs were successfully implanted. output. After consulting professional literature, there has been no report of "Cattle in Test Tube" before, so it can be concluded that this is the first case of "Cattle in Test Tube".

The person in charge of the Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province stated that this achievement marks that the research team has mastered all aspects of bovine IVF technology and is a major breakthrough in the field of calf breeding in Qinghai Province.

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