The global numerical forecasting system passed the operational review: the system moved from research and development to application

The reporter learned from the China Meteorological Administration on the 5th that the GRAPES global numerical forecasting system independently developed by China has officially passed the operational review and will be put into operation.

According to Zhou Xiuzhen, the leader of the GRAPES global numerical forecasting system operational evaluation expert group and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the GRAPES global numerical forecasting system has made great breakthroughs in satellite data assimilation technology, assimilation frame accuracy, mode prediction accuracy and stability, and assimilation. The performance indicators of the forecast and forecast generally exceed the current global business model system T639, and the operation is stable, and the required computer resources can meet the requirements of business operation.

Jiao Meiyan, deputy director of the China Meteorological Administration, said that the commercialization of GRAPES global numerical forecasting system is a very important event in the development of China's meteorological forecasting business technology. It marks that China's self-developed numerical forecasting system has been developed through more than ten years of efforts. Towards business applications is an important indicator of the development of China's meteorological forecast core technology.

In 2001, the China Meteorological Administration set up a numerical forecasting innovation base to independently research and develop China's new generation of global numerical weather prediction system. In July 2007, the China Meteorological Administration began to organize the system development of the GRAPES global numerical forecasting system; in March 2009, the numerical forecasting research and development team The preliminary test of the GRAPES global numerical forecasting system was completed and the quasi-operational operation was started. In October 2013, the Numerical Forecast Center of the China Meteorological Administration improved and upgraded the system. At present, the GRAPES global numerical forecasting system has significantly improved the computational stability and quality conservation of the model, providing a 10-day global weather situation and precipitation forecast with a horizontal resolution of 0.25 degrees and a vertical layer of 60 layers. At the same time, the data assimilation ability of the system has been significantly improved, and the proportion of satellite data has increased significantly, reaching 70%.

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