Tricyclazole 75% (wettable powder) product description

Name of pesticide: tricyclazole 75% (wettable powder) Manufacturer: Shanxi Kexing Pesticide Liquid Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Pesticide dosage form: wettable powder pesticide type: fungicide


15g*70 bags*4 boxes/pieces

product manual:

Systemic treatment, does not affect tillering, does not intend to grow roots, nursery / leafhopper / rice stem

Special formula for rice, strong seedlings, and reduction of jaundice

High safety, good miscibility, and can be mixed with most pesticides

It is resistant to rain and scouring, and it has strong exhibitability. It does not need to be re-sprayed after one hour of spraying.

Strong systemic absorption, rapid transfer of roots, stems and leaves to various parts

Applicable crop: rice

1. Control rice diseases

(1) Control rice blast, use 75% wettable powder per acre, about 20-26 grams, spray

(2) Control rice panicle neck lice, use 75% wettable powder per acre, about 25-30 grams, spray

(3) Control rice leaf blast, use 75% wettable powder per acre, about 20-26 grams, spray

Applicable crop

Rice blast, ear stalk, leaf blast, leaf spot, sheath blight

For more information on tricyclazole, please pay attention to China Pesticide Information Network

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