Where should the market and brand of furniture come from?

"This is the best era, this is the worst era," 2014 is nearing the end. For furniture , 2014 is also a relatively important node. Feelings of changes in the export market and the increasing appreciation of the renminbi, more and more factories are turning around and selling domestically – this is a topic that many people hang on their lips, friends around, and entrepreneurs who are exporters. However, domestic sales is a new topic after all, and the original export foreign trade is a completely different field. Many of the previous experiences do not have reference value, so many people think and discuss. But we don't have much thought, so we are here. Saying "the brave man has no fear" or "empty cup mentality" is worth mentioning. In fact, we have already embarked on this path, that is, we can only go on firmly.

Mr. Lu Xun said well, "There is no way in the world. If there are more people, it will become a road." Here, it actually shows several meanings: 1. Walking in the forefront, entering a new field, despite the opportunity The cost is relatively high, and at the same time, it has gained a high value. 2, following the success of the predecessors, the probability of error is reduced, and the return on harm is relatively low. After all, there are many people who eat, not to mention the successful experience mode mechanism can be copied. 3. Under the innate condition of not having the talent to become a leader, and it has already entered an orbit, it is only possible to find an opportunity to identify a dangerously low lot or route, and hope to get out of its own path, or Beyond the many people who are on the road, become passers-by. The facts also prove this point. In the past, in the feedback of production, marketing and market, we also plan to follow this principle in the market to be developed next. This is to learn from the experience of successful people, in the process of rapid replication, add our understanding, and then innovate, this is the so-called "stone of other mountains, can attack jade" or "stand on the shoulders of giants can see more far". Through the contact between the exhibition and the dealers, as well as research, patrols, and more specific matters that have never been considered before us. If the original foreign trade only faces the customer, then the domestic market is facing the bulls - dealers, consumers, access associations or organizations, media, marketing teams, planning packaging, soft clothing. These have to consider their role in the industrial chain of the domestic market from different angles. Obviously, there must be different wisdom to integrate these resources in order to maximize the benefits and how to grasp this degree (with the least chance The cost is also the art of management.

Brands are the consumers who use more, partially satisfy the consumers' dreams and feelings, solve the customer's demands, satisfy the consumers' pursuit of value judgment, and subconsciously think about or generate repeated purchases when there is demand, and Show your friends what they like to show off their possessions. The brand is made, and it is built by giving a regular brand connotation, making a certain brand investment to establish its brand virtual value and improving its selling price. There is no mystery in the brand, and its shaping process is the process of strengthening the memory point. It is the process of adding hints, which is the process of occupying the mental resources of consumers.

Based on this, we need a team with excellent personal qualities and professional image, especially the marketing team. This professional image comes from their comprehensive grasp of the regional market and their ability to grasp the dealers' mentality. From the diligence and effectiveness of its work. Especially in the current "home is beautiful" furniture branding, the operating sector is not perfect, marketing personnel can play a certain coordination and buffer role. It is possible to appropriately reduce fluctuations in customer distribution psychology caused by imperfect overall work. In terms of training, the problem now is the lack of detailed and effective training materials, the lack of business personnel who are proficient in training content, and the effective delivery of training capabilities to the distribution system. In this regard, careful preparation is still required. Of course, this also requires a professional organization or team to provide us with relevant services. Professional people do professional things. In fact, in terms of our current market share and the popularity of furniture brands , it is not very appropriate to point out the words of Jiangshan. There is a saying in the words: the market, the brand is made, not to say. Therefore, the impression of the market is also good, and the prospect of the micro-environment is also good. On behalf of a family, I hope that many seniors of the furniture industry will be axe.

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