Network cable socket connection detailed steps

In this era of the Internet, network cables are used by every family and they must learn how to use network cable sockets . There are two main methods for connecting the crystal heads of the cable, one is the parallel cable connection method and the other is the crossover cable connection method. The following small series briefly introduces the detailed steps of the network cable socket connection method .

The network cable socket that we are talking about here, the correct name is supposed to be the network cable module, generally used in the indoor wall as the network cable jack. Nowadays, the twisted pair cables are commonly used in the home. The twisted pair cable is divided into two wire sequences, T568A and T568B. The information module end accesses the standard T568A standard and the T568B standard. Our cable sockets or cable crystal heads are only You can select one of the wiring methods in A and B. If you pick the wrong one, you will not react.

There is no essential difference between A and B, just the difference in color. The respective wiring method is:

T568A connection: green and white, green, orange, blue, blue and white, orange, brown, brown

T568B connection: orange, orange, green and white, blue, blue and white, green, brown and brown

In a genuine network cable socket, in addition to the color labels that indicate the 568A standard and the 568B standard connection method, the eight connection card sockets also have the corresponding serial numbers that indicate each internal terminal and the front-end pin, and the sockets are various colors. Standards are very clear and well recognized. When wiring, you only need to enter the colored line pairs in the twisted pair into the bayonet of the corresponding color standard.

Step 1: Put the network cable (or slot line) inside the wall, use special stripping pliers or stripping knife of crimping pliers to cut the cable surface around the first 10 cm (or it can be a bit longer to facilitate the rear pressure line). Remove (do not hurt the metal line).

Step 2: Distribute the wire and use the wire pliers to press the wire into the metal card slot of the cable socket.

pay attention:

a. Some network cables are wrapped with four white and orange-blue-brown main color lines instead of white and main color lines that are mixed with white and other color systems. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the placement of two lines of each group. Then remove the other lines. Otherwise, you cannot know which of the four white lines are white-orange, white-blue, white-green, and white-brown.

b. After each separation, do not press the wire first, and wait for all the wires to be placed. Use the same wire pliers and wire the wires one by one.

c. There are points inside and outside the wire pliers, and the outside is long. After the shot is broken, the extra lines on the outside will be cut off. Therefore, if you accidentally place the outside on the inside of the cable socket, the cable will be cut.

Step 3: After the extra lines are cut off, place the lined information module on the 86 box panel. There is a guard card behind the good network cable socket, which can protect the slight dragging of the network cable so that it does not fall off. However, most of them are not protected by wire harnesses to protect the network cable sockets. Therefore, be careful when placing network cable sockets on the wall and on the socket panel. Do not pull the cable.

The relevant information about the network cable socket connection method is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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