LED mosaic TV screen caterpillar phenomenon how to solve?

The LED display can be applied in many fields, and is currently a "first brother" product that seamlessly splices large-screen display devices. Each pixel is an independent LED lamp bead, and the theoretical lifetime value is 100,000 hours. LED is the main device of the large screen, so the stability of the lamp directly affects the life of the whole screen.

What caused the caterpillar phenomenon on the LED screen?

1, the driver IC Weld or dead corner: A driver chip has 16 scan control pins for the LED, and a foot has a broken foot or false welding phenomenon, if it is a 16th sweep will have a list of 16 lights The bead is not normal and cannot be completely matched with the color that should be displayed. If a foot signal is short-circuited with other signals, this group of pixels will be constantly on.

2, Lamp internal short circuit: This situation is often seen in the surface mount lamp beads, each surface mount lamp inside the package of three colors of red, green and blue chips, the formation of a short circuit will lead to this column of pixel signals out of control, there highlights As well as the phenomenon of constant light, we also form caterpillars that we often say.

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