PE market price fine-tuned PP offer more stable

Inventories unexpectedly declined, and crude oil prices rose. Linear shocks slightly lower, PE prices in the US market changed little, the market rumors of foreign investors in the late high prices, very willing price, there are not many low-cost shippers. Downstream demand is weak and transactions are difficult. LLDPE quoted at 1360-1390 US dollars / ton, HDPE film material quoted at 1420-1450 US dollars / ton, LDPE quoted at 1420-1470 US dollars / ton.

Crude oil prices remained high and fluctuated, and ** was affected by unfavorable news. The market sentiment was light. The offer price of PP market for the US dollar remained basically stable. The buyer’s sentiment was generally high, and the petrochemical price was boosted by the high price of the petrochemical industry. The confidence was stronger. Buyers are less active in inquiry, and there are few transactions in real firm. The homopolymerization market price is between 1450-1470 USD/ton, and the copolymerization market price is between 1455-1500 USD/ton.

The PS dollar market offer was stable and small, with Taiwan's 5250 reported at 1,580 US dollars/ton, 8250 at 1,825 US$/ton, Thai Petrochemical 150 at 1,595 US$/ton, and 650 at 1,815 US$/ton.

The market price of ABS USD fell slightly, and the inquiry was weak. Today's transactions are scarce. The stock of middlemen is normal, and the end-user needs are weak.

Market prices remained volatile at high levels, and the supporting factors mainly stemmed from the high oil prices and the frequent increase in petrochemical prices. In the context of high crude oil and monomer costs, petrochemicals have continued to increase their intentions for April offers, which is also a major support for businesses looking to the market. In terms of factories, March was in the peak season for agricultural film production. Large-scale factory orders were good, and construction started at around 90%, and small and medium-sized factories maintained at 40%. The inventory of raw materials in the factory is not high, but the higher market prices are inhibiting the stocking of the factory. With the end of the gambling, the policy entered a vacuum period, and there was no major news surface in the short term. The macro factors that have a major impact on the market are the oil price fluctuations brought about by the Iranian issue. The market support at the end of March and early April is more obvious, and it is more likely to remain high in the short term. However, downstream demand is weak, and high risk is high. Merchants need to be cautious.

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