Do not worry about the choice of bath experts to remind the spotted bathroom partition design

In order to better enjoy the bathroom time, many people partition the bathroom space in the home. The designer suggested that when the bathroom space is about 10 square meters, a dry and wet area can be set. If it is less than 10 square meters, it is recommended to use a glass partition or a whole bathroom to give the bathroom a more reasonable partition design.

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In general, a rectangular bathtub occupies more space. When you select a bathroom, you must first see whether the bathroom can be put down. Of course, generally speaking, such bathroom space can be divided into wet and dry sections. Therefore, the influence of moisture can be ignored, but when choosing a size, The same bathtub, its depth, width, length and contour are not the same. If you like the depth of water, then the location of the waste outlet is higher; if it is too low, once the water level exceeds this level, the water will flow out of the sewage outlet and it will be difficult for the water depth of the bathtub to reach the required depth. If you have an elderly person or baby at home, it is best not to choose a bathtub that is too deep.

At the same time, there are no skirts, one skirt, and two skirts for the bathtub. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of the skirt when buying. According to the location of the drain and the wall, determine whether to choose the left skirt or the right skirt. Otherwise, if the wrong choice will cause great trouble to the installation.

Bathtub materials on the market are generally: Acrylic (acrylic) bathtubs, steel bathtubs, cast-iron bathtubs, ceramic bathtubs and wooden bathtubs. At present, Acrylic plastic bathtub becomes the mainstream product in the market. It will not rust, will not be eroded and is very light. This bathtub is made of a thin sheet of material, usually glass fiber underneath, processed by vacuum method, thickness 3mm to 10mm, the advantage is a warm touch, can maintain the water temperature for a long time, and easy to wipe clean. Another expert reminded that the quality and thickness of the material are related to the firmness of the bathtub. It is impossible to see through the visual inspection alone. It is necessary to press the button one by one and step on it. If there is a feeling of sagging, it means that the hardness is not enough.

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