Introduction of herbicides commonly used in aquatic vegetable fields

Aquatic vegetables mainly include alfalfa, alfalfa, rhododendron, citron, rhizome, and cress. Weeds in aquatic vegetable fields are different from weeds in dryland vegetable fields. In addition to some wet weeds such as calves in the past few years, there are mainly weeds, ragweed, sedge, melon grass, and eyes. Aquatic weeds such as vegetables, water sedge, and flat stalks are similar in species to rice field weeds.

Aquatic vegetables are more resistant to chemicals, and various herbicides that control weeds in rice fields are safer. Commonly used herbicides (before weeds are used):

1.60% butachlor EC. 75-100 ml per acre, add 30 kg of water spray.

2.12% oxacillin EC. Use 125-150 ml per acre and spray 3O kg of water.

3.10% agricultural WP can be 15 ~ 25 grams per acre, spray 25 kg of water, control broadleaf weeds and annual sedge weeds, the drug is very significant.

4. When mixed with chlorpyrifos and other acaricides (the amount is one-half to one-third of each), it can prevent almost all weeds in aquatic vegetable fields.

Note: The whole field requires flatness; the herbicide should be kept for 2 to 3 days in shallow water.

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