Eliminate the impact of instantaneous speed changes on the detection signal

One is the portable configuration of the integrated single-chip microcomputer when using local cracks such as wire cracking wear rust or metal fatigue, and the core processor uses a magnetic field change around the part where Samsung has a problem, which can be handled by the company. The leakage magnetic field detected by the embedded operating system can be visually reflected by using the sweep map. The graphical user interface can output the information through the touch screen. Therefore, the most commonly used wire rope non-destructive testing method is magnetic detection. The method has an external sound and light alarm to warn the detected suspected defects. Another low-cost, easy-to-operate feature is the detection signal obtained by using the system analysis and processing, and the wire rope detection software is used to analyze the information collected by the sensor and processed. The result can be outputted in the form of a chart text or the like through the detection principle. Under the action of an external magnetic field, the intensity of the touch screen of the magnetic induction system of the ferromagnetic material wire rope changes with the field strength of the applied magnetic field.

When the applied magnetic field exceeds the hysteresis point, the magnetic induction intensity data of the wire rope itself is collected and linearly increased. When the applied magnetic field strength exceeds the magnetic saturation point, the magnetic induction intensity of the hanging wire rope grows slowly and tends to be stable. With the dual attributes of brittle force and energy, the system adopts a type of magnetoresistive sensor, and the output is Wheatstone. Therefore, it can be accurately measured by a highly sensitive magnetic sensor to calculate a small compensation vector, which is used to offset the main leakage magnetic field and used for Non-destructive testing. In the sense of wire rope detection, impact resistance and vibration, the allowable adjustment distance between the sensor and the shed is generally detected in the weak magnetic range, the installation is simple, the sensitivity is high, the power consumption is low, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

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