Door and window encyclopedia: the difference between the wooden door and the solid wood door

The solid wood doors on the market are strictly modern wooden doors, and our impression of traditional solid wood doors is different. Most modern wooden doors are not all made of solid wood materials. The wooden door of the sticker is called "grain wood door", which is easy to break, afraid of water and low price. The wooden door grade and price of the veneer are relatively high, called solid wood door or solid wood composite door.

The term "wooden door" and today's wooden door can be quite unfamiliar. According to industry insiders, the solid wood door on the market is strictly the current wooden door~ and our impression of traditional solid wood doors is different. Most of today's wooden doors are not. All special applications of solid wood raw materials. The wooden door of the sticker is called "grain wood door" ~ easy to break, the price of water is low, the wooden door grade and the price of the veneer are relatively high _ called solid wood door or solid wood composite door.

Over the years, solid wood doors have been sought after by target customers for their high-end luxury. It is the decoration season; how can users who are preparing for decoration be prevented from being fooled by the famous solid wood door products in the selection process? According to industry insiders, in fact, many solid wood doors on the market are not all solid wood - the difference between high and low grades It is possible to only "one layer of skin": users should be careful to distinguish.

The inquiries in the decoration materials market indicate. The price of solid wood doors with similar appearance and shape ranges from about 1,000 yuan to several thousand yuan. Because of cost and other reasons. In the manufacture of today's wooden doors: the solid wood that customers understand is usually only used for varieties and parts with less material; such as small strips such as wood strips and edge seals. The pine or imported filling material is the door core skeleton: externally applied MDF and solid wood veneer, which are made after high temperature hot pressing ~ also called "solid wood composite door". Therefore: solid wood edge-stick veneer is the manufacturing method often used in today's wooden doors~ The high-grade of finished products depends on the material of solid wood veneer: red pine ~ fir eucalyptus, etc. are all relatively low-grade wooden door materials; high-grade solid wood has walnut Cherry wood Sapele and so on. Doors that use these high-grade veneer veneers are often expensive.

Industry insiders reminded - most of the wood door finishes today; the use of veneer and stickers are common. But the grades are completely different. Therefore, the target customer is buying the solid wood door today; absolutely understand the outer skin. [ Follow the WeChat public account "Jiuzhengmen Window Network"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzhengmen window network exchange group ]

Welding nut is a kind of nut which is suitable for welding outside the nut. It is usually made of weldable material and is thicker and more suitable for welding. Welding is equivalent to turning two separators into a whole. The metal is melted at high temperature and then mixed together for cooling. The alloy is added in the middle. The internal force is the effect of molecular force and the strength is generally ratio. Maternal strength.

Production process editor
The welding nut is a fastener with internal threads used in conjunction with bolts. A mechanical part that has internal thread and is used in conjunction with a screw to transmit motion or power.
Standard editors
GB GB (GB/T), German standard (DIN), British Standard (BS), Japanese standard (JB)
Editor of merits and faults
Welding, strength is relatively large, and the use of a wide range of thin and thick can be, but due to high temperature will lead to deformation of the joints, and can not be disassembled, and some active metals can not be welded in the usual way, such as aluminum, magnesium, etc., need to shield gas or argon arc welding, require processing technology and precision.

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