Error-free tracking of mine hoist speed control signals

Mine hoist speed curve calculation Mine hoist is an important equipment for mine personnel and material transportation. Its traditional running speed is five-stage as shown in the figure. Its speed is given by the slope and has abrupt change. Studies have shown that if the acceleration and acceleration of the hoist in motion exceeds a certain range, it will cause vibration of the cable, resulting in decreased safety and increased discomfort, so for safety, comfort and service life, In the abrupt part, the sinusoidal transition of the graph should be used instead of the straight line, which can basically solve the above problem, so the sinusoid of the transition part needs to be calculated. The speed of the hoist is typical. The sinusoidal speed diagram of the hoist is the acceleration phase of the hoist. It is the uniform speed phase and the deceleration phase. mathematical model. The section hoist decelerates to the creeping stage, and the given rated running speed, creeping speed, maximum acceleration and maximum jerk are related to the constants in this section: the same as the acceleration phase model calculation method, the mathematical model of the speed curve in the deceleration phase can be obtained. Climb at a constant speed for the stage hoist at rated speed.

The stage hoist decelerates to stop, and its curve shape is exactly the same as the sum. At this point, the mathematical model of the mine hoist speed curve is completed. The speed control system of the mine hoist speed control system simulates the mine hoist. The speed control system is an electromagnetic reversible speed control system. It is a combination of a speed feedback loop and a current feedback loop. Lifting speed control system structure model diagram Mine hoist speed control system simulation model The conclusion running speed has always been the key to mine hoist control. Through the calculation of the sinusoidal speed curve, this paper realizes the no-speed mutation in the operation, which greatly reduces the The vibration of the cable and the discomfort of the operator prolong the service life of the mine hoist, improve the safety, improve the traditional control system, and realize the error-free tracking of the control signal by simulating the control system. .

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