Pay attention to furniture "service incidents"

For most ordinary people, adding furniture is a very troublesome thing. Before the purchase, the goods are more than three, the purchases are uncertain, and the series of trivial things such as handling, maintenance, and maintenance after purchase will cost them a lot of energy. Although, in the process, they can seek various help from furniture sellers, and furniture sellers also promise various services to customers, but in the process of service execution, there will always be things that are unsatisfactory. Is the consumer demand too demanding, or is there a problem with the quality of service of the company? Whether in the first half or the third quarter, the number of complaints about furniture has increased compared with the same period last year. Mainly reflected in the quality of furniture products and services. If the actual object does not match the sample, the environmental indicators exceed the standard, the patent peeling off, and the parts are damaged. Most consumers buy furniture in the form of format clauses for payment and delivery. After the consumer has booked the payment, some merchants do not really indicate the materials, specifications and other items, but they sneak in the column when delivering the goods. Some manufacturers or dealers only re-sell, do not pay attention to after-sales service, deliberately delay the complaints of consumers, and even ignore them. The reporter of the Sanye furniture incident exposed the service. The reporter received a complaint from the consumer, Ms. Zheng, and reported that the service of the Sanye furniture company had some problems. The first problem was the delivery problem, which was not delivered on time according to the scheduled time. There is a problem that has not been solved in time, and the problem is pushed and pushed between the headquarters and the branch like a throwing ball. The overall service system does not have a good guarantee, from product sales to product delivery to product. There is a problem in the service system, so the interests of consumers are not guaranteed. On the website of Sanye Furniture, “About Service” is defined as follows: Service Standard: Provide more satisfactory service than satisfaction; Service Creed: Customer's demand is our pursuit; Customer's trust is our wealth; Our sincerity, to meet the wishes of customers. However, in the face of the incident, such a rigid "service standard" seems pale and weak, how to convince consumers? Is the company writing such a slogan on the website, just treating it as a simple text? Furniture is also a furniture company that has begun to take shape. How can it lose the integrity of the company in terms of service? It satisfies the sensory and value experience of consumers from pre-sales, sales and after-sales, so that they truly feel at home. Value for money, this is the most effective way to improve your competitiveness.

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