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The enterprise shall assess the fire and explosion hazard that may be caused by changes in process conditions, and set necessary process control measures, alarms and interlocks to enhance the intrinsic safety of the device, at least to meet the following requirements:

( 1 ) Master the consequences that the process parameters may deviate from normal working conditions, and set alarms, interlocks or material emergency cut-off measures for key parameters such as temperature and pressure;

( 2 ) Master the dangers that may occur under working conditions such as feeding error, catalyst failure, stirring failure, cooling failure, temperature fluctuation, etc. Set alarm and interlocking of feed flow rate, material ratio, etc., and set emergency cut if necessary. system;

( 3 ) Master the safe operating range of process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate and liquid level, and rationally design a safe pressure relief system;

( 4 ) For the strong exothermic reaction process, an emergency cooling system and a reaction suppression system shall be provided;

( 5 ) For the process of the presence of oxidizing gas, set inert gas protection measures and oxygen content monitoring measures as needed;

( 6 ) When the device is technically modified, it should be evaluated whether the automatic control measures can meet the safety control requirements.

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