New Zhongyuan ceramic tile price list

A beautiful tile can not only decorate a comfortable and warm home, but also highlight the owner's elegant art taste and lifestyle. How about the new Zhongyuan tile? Among the numerous ceramic tile brands, Xinzhongyuan ceramic tile has long been known in terms of quality and appearance in the evaluation of users, and the price of the new Zhongyuan ceramic tile does not seem to be expensive. It has won the hearts of many consumers at a low price. The details of the price of a new Zhongyuan tile provided by Xinzhongyuan tile official website are given to readers.

How about the new source tile

New Zhongyuan Tile has a high reputation among the well-known ceramic tile brands in China. New Zhongyuan Tiles can decorate the interior with warmth and naturalness, and its surface wear resistance, moisture resistance, impact resistance, etc. are among the highest in the ceramic tile. .

The new Zhongyuan tile not only wins the hearts of the majority of netizens with its high-quality products, but also allows the majority of netizens to value the service of the new Zhongyuan tile. Through the investigation of the majority of netizens, most of the netizens who ordered the new Zhongyuan tiles have highly affirmed the service of XinZhongYuan tile, and some of them also suggested that ordering XinZhongYuan tiles not only be assured but also at ease.


Cleaner production, reduced emissions, reuse of materials, etc. The new Zhongyuan tile production base was the earliest to obtain the Chinese environmental label. China Environmental Labeling has clear technical requirements for products, has made clear provisions on various indicators and test methods for products, and has now been upgraded to national environmental protection standards. The Type I China Environmental Labeling is a certification mark. As an official mark, it indicates that the product that is approved to use the mark is not only of good quality, but also meets environmental protection requirements during production, use, disposal, and disposal. Compared with similar products, it has low Less harmful to the environment, saving resources and other environmental advantages.

Guangdong Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern building ceramics manufacturer in China. It has collected a number of national honors such as “China Famous Brand”, “Asian Brand Top 500” and “China Environmental Protection Product”, and has been identified by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government as The province is one of 13 sprinting world famous brands.

Xinzhongyuan owns ten large-scale modern ceramics production factories, which are located in Shunde, Sanshui, Heyuan, Qingyuan, Sichuan Jiajiang, Jiangxi Gao'an, Hunan Hengyang, Hubei Dangyang, Shenyang Faku and Henan Hebi. Its production capacity ranks first in the world, and it has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and China's national mandatory product 3C certification. All products are inspected and delivered strictly in accordance with national standards.

New Zhongyuan Tile Price List


Editor's summary: Is the new Zhongyuan tile price very cheap? As for the new Zhongyuan tile how? People who have used the new Zhongyuan tiles also feel that their products are of good quality, wear-resistant, non-slip, and long life. As for the beauty level, you will know the above Xinzhongyuan tile pictures. I hope that after learning about the price of Xin Zhong Yuan tile and Xin Zhong Yuan tile, I would like to enjoy the new ZhongYuan Tile official website and like it to provide consumers with products.

New Zhongyuan ceramic tile how to live in the new source of home decoration how

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