Four steps to teach you how to distinguish diatom mud

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Nowadays, the diatom mud market is mixed, and consumers must keep their eyes clean when choosing diatom mud. Don't be deceived by bad merchants! Xiaobian teaches you how to distinguish diatom mud in four steps.

First, the eyes "look"

1. Look at the luster: diatom mud is a porous material. The porosity is thousands of times higher than that of charcoal products. It has the function of sound absorption and light absorption. Therefore, the diatom mud wall surface should be a fine frosted surface without reflection. If the wall surface is found to be as smooth as the paint, and there is a reflection phenomenon, it can be basically determined that it is a fake diatom mud or an inferior product with a very low content of diatomaceous earth.

2, look at the color: In the production process of diatom mud, in order to ensure that it will not block its tiny gaps due to the addition of pigments, formal enterprises must use purely natural pigments, natural pigments are expensive, soft color, not very Bright, so if you find that the color of the wall is not correct, or the color is bright, it must be the result of adding chemical pigments or color pink.

Second, "touch" by hand

1. Hand touch: The real diatom mud feels soft and has a feeling of fluffy velvet. Because diatom mud is used to prevent cracking, a certain proportion of plant fiber needs to be added in the process of producing diatom mud wall material. If there is no indication that it has not been crack protected, the quality of the product may be problematic.

2, with nail press: diatom mud hardness is moderate, if the hard with texture paint or soft with putty powder, it is certainly not true diatom mud.

3, hand rub: good diatom mud dry will not obviously drop powder or fade, if a drop of powder, it can basically determine the quality of diatom mud problems, there will be a lot of trouble in the future use.

Third, water "spray"

The content of diatomite is an important indicator of the quality of diatom mud, and it is also the key to the function of diatom mud. When diatom mud is selected, the water absorption experiment can be done. The high quality diatom mud has strong water absorption, if it does not absorb water. Or little water absorption, indicating that the diatom mud gap is blocked, so there is no functionality.

Fourth, use the fire to "burn"

Diatom mud is a natural and functional interior wall paint. It does not contain any chemical reagents. If chemical reagents are added, the pores of diatomaceous earth will be blocked by two-thirds, and the quality of diatom mud will also decrease. High-quality diatom mud will not burn with fire, and it will not emit black smoke. If it is black smoke or burns, it means adding chemical reagents, not real diatom mud.

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