How to select color door color

Now people's requirements for the home environment have been more than just comfortable and warm. The door is the essential building material product in our home decoration. How does that door color ? We are inevitably distressed, so today we will solve this problem and see how the color of the door is selected .

How to choose the color of the door 1. The color of the wooden door should be consistent with the style of the room. In general, the wooden door is associated with furniture, wall paint and window cover dull in the home, and the association with the floor is relatively small. When our homeroom environment is warm, the relative color of the wooden door can be selected; for example, purple, cherry, teak, Sapele and so on. When the room environment is cool, relatively light wooden doors should be chosen, such as modern style and simple style, such as white oil, birch and so on.

How to choose the door color 2 , the coordination of the color of the ground with the wooden door to maintain the same color (such as cold, warm), but it is best not to be consistent. Prevent the ground from chaos with the wall surface, weakening the sense of space in the plane and elevation of the living room. Large or sunny rooms, you can choose a darker black walnut, can create a more calm atmosphere effect. Color itself is beautiful, and there is no right or wrong. If you really can't get your ideas, choose white. White is the least error-prone color!

How to choose the color of the door 3 , to consider the color of the wooden door with the color of the room, bedroom color is basically similar to the color with the reference point to mention the factors, we can first color the room environment and the shade of light can be divided Three colors; wall, floor, furniture, soft decoration. Basically, you can keep these three colors, not too much. The color of the wooden door can be considered close to the color of the furniture. For example, the dark floor is white on the ground and the purple wooden door is used on the floor. The environment has both contrast and harmony.

How to choose the color of the door 4 , the wooden door should be as close to the color of the furniture as possible, to keep the classmate dumb mouth consistent as much as possible, the same color with the wall should have a contrast, so that the room will have a sense of hierarchy, not too "flat" also It will make the room feel particularly fresh.

I will introduce this to you on how to choose colors for your door . I hope to help you, and more information on the decoration will be provided on this site. Please stay tuned.

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